TerraCrux Newsletter: Volume 1 Issue 3

Also, we listen to you and care about your gaming experience. A constant bugbear for our customers is parking availability downtown. Below find some links that can help you navigate the streets of Tacoma and park like a boss!

If you aren't carrying a heavy load the Link is a great way to get here as it conveniently drops you off across the street from our door in the theatre district and there is parking nearby to its other stations.

Additionally, the route is being upgrades, and more parking is schedules to be put in.

Hint: A=S
Keep on gaming,
Terracrux Games
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Join us in celebration of our 6th year of business here in Tacoma! There will be fun, games, prizes, and cake! Also customers will receive 3d6 percent off purchases Read More
Forge your fate in Hellfire! Experience new adventures and great dangers. Preorder the the limited edition cover at no extra cost.  Read More
We are excited to announce the Throne of Eldraine prerelease event. Pre-pay for a discount!  Read More
Come play a quick game of Dungeons and Dragons with a local Dungeon Master.  Read More
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