TerraCrux Newsletter: Volume 2 Issue 17
Hello TerraGamers!
Covid Update: In store gaming will resume during phase four of safe start. Pierce county is currently in modified phase two. We are exploring all options and will always place the health of our community and staff first. We appreciate you all and will bring in store gaming back as it becomes safe to do so.

We hope all of you are staying safe during the fires that fill our fair city and neighboring communities with smokey conditions. We remain open and ready to get you the games you need. and if you want to avoid the conditions outside you should feel free to take use of our online ordering and shipping options.
We have been receiving a lot of questions and comments regarding product and fulfillment delays since the beginning of the year. In an effort to increase transparency with our current store inventory and stock levels, we want to let you all know that all of us, including our distribution channels and game manufactures, are having a difficult time with the pandemic. With stipulations on staffing and occupancy and in some places curfews requiring workplaces to shut down early, the impact has been the delay and even shorting of shipments. We are all in this together and we are working diligently with Asmodee North America, Games Workshop and many other manufacturers and distribution channels to deliver the same service you have all become accustomed too.
With that in mind, a few days ago Wizards of the Coast let us know that some of the Zendikar Rising Product will be delayed although there is no indication that orders will not be filled. Here is the official statement. All of the products are still available for preorder and we will do everything we can do make sure you receive your product in a timely fashion. You can find them on our website HERE.

Other than that things are rocking and rolling here at TerraCrux Games, we are getting new stuff in and we enjoy being here to help you get the games you need!
Keep on gaming,
Terracrux Games

And now, a riddle:
What falls but never breaks? What breaks but never falls?

Answer: Night and Day

Tasha's Cauldron of Everything

Preorders: HERE
Preorders with at TerraCrux Games!
Across the five cycles of Arkham Horror: The Card Game, you’ve encountered new investigators in each deluxe expansion, giving you more and more options for building your decks and exploring the mythos. Now, for the first time, you have the chance to invite five new faces to your games with this new type of product
Sometimes in the Wasteland, things can get lonely. After all, you’re wandering across an irradiated hellscape, taking potshots at passing ghouls and eking out your best existence. But maybe you don’t have to be alone! Maybe, just maybe, you’ll find a few people out there who want to stick around for a while. You might even accomplish something great together.
Welcome to Mysterium Park! Its cotton candies, its circus and its dark secrets... The former director disappeared, but the investigation came to nothing. Since that night, weird things have happened at the fair. As psychics, players are convinced that a ghost haunts this carnival.

Find Preorders for all Games Workshop products here. This include Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, Kill Team, Blood Bowl, Necromunda, Black Stone Fortress, and more!
Celebrate 25 years of exploration and discovery! The CATAN 25th anniversary edition contains the classic CATAN 3-4 player board game, PLUS 5-6 Player Extension, Helpers of CATAN Scenario, special iridescent anniversary wood pieces and dice. Also includes resource card sorting trays and card sleeves!
Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden
Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden is a tale of dark terror that revisits the forlorn, flickering candle lights of civilization known as Ten-Towns and sheds light on the many bone-chilling locations that surround these frontier settlements. This is for the alternate cover edition
This four-panel horizontal screen has a lavish illustration on one side and a wealth of useful charts and tables on the other, referencing a number of the advanced rules systems first presented in the Pathfinder Gamemastery Guide.
For the first time in years, a massive wealth of new content arrives for Twilight Imperium with the Prophecy of Kings expansion, bringing additional content to nearly every part of the game. Two additional players can now join the galactic struggle, bringing the total player count up to eight. With seven never-before-seen factions and 40 new system and hyperlane tiles, there’s more to fight over than ever Before.
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