TerraCrux Newsletter: Volume 3 Issue 1
Hey TerraGamers and Friends
Covid Update: We have begun the Healthy Washington Plan which has replaced the Washington Safe Start plan for determining our policy's for managing the Covid-19 pandemic. Our capacity is set to 25 people and social distancing should be maintained at all times. We will be continuing to wear and require masks in store and we are disinfecting surfaces regularly. Because of this, we ask patrons not to handle product without assistance from staff. With all of this in mind;

The use of our online store and Curb Side Service is strongly encouraged.
We hope you are all having a safe, happy, and productive year! We have certainly been busy getting distribution lines reconnected and orders fulfilled. The good news is that we have lots of great products in stock and will be restocking our bestsellers very aggressively. Preorders have also returned and can be found at the bottom of this email!
As some of you know, Commerce Street is under construction. Our store will remain open for regular hours during construction and our parking spots should be accessible to patrons if you approach from the north and let them know you are shopping with us. We have four parking spots next to the store that are available to our customers.
Keep on Gaming,
TerraCrux Games

And now, a riddle; If two's company and three's a crowd, what's four and five?
Answer: Nine
Preorder the newest set from Magic the Gathering with a Draft Booster Box and recieve a promo card as a bonus! Kaldheim is set in the frozen world of the same name and draws inspiration from Nordic and Icelandic folklore. New and experienced players alike enjoy tearing into a Draft Boosters to discover which new cards they’ll add to their decks.
Candlekeep Mysteries is a collection of seventeen short, stand-alone D&D adventures designed for characters of levels 1 to 16. Each adventure begins with the discovery of a book, and each book is the key to a door behind which danger and glory await. These adventures can be run as one-shot games, plugged into an existing Forgotten Realms campaign, or adapted for other campaign settings. This book also includes a poster map of the library fortress and detailed descriptions of Candlekeep and its inhabitants.
The worlds of infinite space are yours to discover with the Galaxy Exploration Manual! This all-new Starfinder rules expansion hardcover for players and Game Masters focuses on trailblazing, exploration-based play across an expansive variety of unusual planets packed with deadly dangers and thrilling possibilities for adventure!
As the next chapter of your evolving story, A Light in the Fog expands your adventures in Arkham Horror: The Card Game, picking up right where your frantic car chase left off at the end of Horror in High Gear, and promising new revelations as you push deeper into the heart of the tangled conspiracy that surrounds Innsmouth. This expansion brings new options to your decks with a slew of new mid-level cards to shape and enhance your deck as you gain experience.

Crystalia Amaquelin is a princess of the Inhuman Royal Family and younger sister of Medusa, the Queen of the Inhumans. Like other Inhumans, Crystal was exposed to the Terrigen Mists at a young age to gain powers through Terrigenesis, acquiring the ability to psionically control the classic elements of air, earth, fire, and water. Crystal is often accompanied by her loyal companion, Lockjaw.
Lockjaw is a giant Inhuman bull dog with the power of incredible teleportation. He serves the Inhuman Royal Family as an escort and loyal protector-as well as a means of transportation. Lockjaw can teleport himself and those nearby anywhere he desires on the Earth or Moon. Lockjaw can also psionically track scents across dimensions and has an empathic bond to those he protects. If his wards are ever in danger, Lockjaw fiercely protects them with his incredible strength.
While the vast marjority of the Separatist Alliance's droid forces are programmed for battle, some specialize in things other than combat. Whether they gather valuable reconnaissance or repair their fellow droids, they serve a vital function in the war effort.
The four droids you find in this expansion expand the capabilities of your Separatist armies, allowing you to further customize units with the personnel slot. Additionally, a T-Series Tactical Droid can lead an individual unit or your whole army, providing even more versatility. These tactical droids are further bolstered by three command cards that give them–or any Separatist commander–access to devastating new strategies.
Try out the Commander format or add to your collection with these two great preconstructed decks for the newest set of Magic: the Gathering, Kaldheim! We sell them as a set of two for $35 so keep them both or give one to a friend! Either way these are a great deal and a good way to try out some of the new core mechanics of the set!
With more than 300 classic and brand-new monsters, this 320-page beautifully illustrated hardcover rulebook completes the collection of creatures begun in the first two Pathfinder Bestiary volumes. From classic creatures like clockworks and tooth fairies, returning favorites like imperial dragons and mighty titans, to brand-new menaces found all over Golarion, this must-have tome of monsters designed to challenge characters of any level is an essential companion to your Pathfinder game!
The Temptation of the Scorpion follows the pattern of the Temptations cycle for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game, as new dire abilities force every clan to carefully consider how to invest fate in their characters. Will players take advantage of new Shadowlands creatures and allow Mahō blood magic to taint their deck, or will they rise above these temptations to pursue a path of righteousness?
There’s no one faster than Quicksilver, and he’s ready to race into your roster of heroes. Like every Marvel Champions Hero Pack, this expansion features a pre-built 40-card hero deck that’s ready to play right out of the box, featuring Quicksilver and the Protection aspect, along with a smattering of new cards for every other aspect in the game. Whether you’re playing as Quicksilver or using these cards to enhance another hero’s deck, you won’t want to let this Hero Pack pass you by!
Blackagar Boltagon, known as Black Bolt, is the king of the Inhumans. With his voice, Black Bolt harness immense power. Even a whisper from Black Bolt renders his enemies feeble and broken. He has endured rigorous conditioning to control this power, choosing to remain totally silent. Only in defense of his people does Black Bolt unleash this power of his destructive voice.
Medusaligh Amaquelin-Boltagon, or Medusa, is the wife of Black Bolt and queen of the Inhumans. Through exposure to the Terrigen mists, she gained psychokinetic control over her hair. She can whip her hair faster than the speed of sound or use it to bind someone in place. Medusa’s control of her hair is so precise that she can use it to perform work as delicate as picking a lock or threading a needle.
While Jedi Generals like Anakin Skywalker lead the Grand Army of the Republic into battle, clone troopers keep it running at peak efficiency. Some clones even combine the skill at arms and genetic template all clones share with further specialized training in areas like communications and engineering to support Republic operations on the ground. This expansion puts four clone specialists at your command, giving you new ways to fill your units' personnel slots. Additionally, the clone commander found in this expansion can lead an individual unit or your entire army and three new command cards that can be used by any Republic commander open up a host of new strategic options.
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