TerraCrux Newsletter: Volume 3 Issue 12
Hey TerraGamers and Friends
Covid Guidelines: Pierce County is struggling with high rates of covid so to better protect our community please follow these guidelines. Masks are required for all guests unless seated in the gaming area for an event and drinking or eating. Please observe physical distancing of 3 feet while shopping or moving around the gaming area.
Construction Update: Commerce street is currently one way coming from 9th street. Some of the street parking has opened up and our four parking spots next to the store are open as normal. We also recommend you use our website and select either the curb-side pickup or shipping options. All of our inventory and preorders are available HERE.
Just a quick reminder that you can join our official TerraCrux Games discord HERE. It is a great place to get in touch with our crew, set up games with other players, or just get the most up-to-date details about the goings on here at the shop.

For a list of our regularly scheduled events please check out calendar. Be sure to check times of Free RPG day, our Dungeons and Dragons Adventures League, and our Pathfinder Society Organized Play.
Now, to shake things up a bit I'd like to spot light a great game that needs more attention! The Arkham Horror Living Card Game (LCG) pits players against scenarios where they can tailor investigator decks to solve or be overcome by each mystery. It has been a favorite of the entire staff and with the Revised Core Set about to be released it is a great time to start your collection! We have also got the latest Expansions for those already hooked on this weird and wonderful game.
Moving on to more familiar territory we will be hosting the Innistrad: Midnight hunt prerelease for Magic the Gathering! Entry is $35 which covers your kit as well as two SET boosters given out during the third round of play. At home prerelease kits will be available after the 19th. Check out the schedule and buy your tickets with the links below!

Friday the 17th - Sealed: 7pm
Saturday the 18th - Sealed: 10am,7pm
Saturday the 18th - Two-Headed Giant: 3pm
Sunday the 19th - Sealed: 10am, 7pm
Saturday the 19th - Two-Headed Giant: 3pm

You can also pre-purchase sealed product for Innistrad: Midnight Hunt HERE. Guarantee your box by ordering early!
We also have a fresh list of never before carried products such as the Flesh and Blood Card Game, Bolt Action the historical war game, and the Song of Ice and Fire miniature game. More on those soon. That's everything for now and we look forward to seeing you soon.
Keep on Gaming,
TerraCrux Games

And now , a Riddle:
How did the ghost repair the tear in its sheet?
Answer: With his pumpkin patch!
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Tacoma, WA 98402