TerraCrux Newsletter: Volume 3 Issue 5
Hey TerraGamers
We appreciate all of you and would like to take a moment to talk in detail about our plans for the next few months and to share some of our decision making processes with you. As of now, Pierce county has been rolled back to phase two of the Healthy Washington Plan. This is naturally disappointing, but we at TerraCrux Games are committed to the health of our staff, customers, and community and will be reinstating the following precautions;

Our capacity has been reduced to phase two levels and in store gaming remains suspended. We are asking customers not to handle product without staff assistance as we must sanitize often touched surfaces. We are also strongly encouraging customers to make use of our online store and curbside pickup options! Available Here

The good news is that most of our state will remain in phase three. The increased availability of vaccines is also a good sign and we encourage you all to get a vaccine when you can. Below are a few links to help you find available vaccination sites. All residents of pierce county over 16 years of age are eligible. Registration fills up quickly so check back regularly for new openings and the most recent information.

If things go well, we are hopeful for games to return this summer. When events do return they will follow the same formats as before. However, there will likely be an increased buy-in to help mitigate the extra cost of cleaning, labor, and the increased price of product. Table's space may require a fee and/or reservation. All of these changes will be done on an as-needed basis and with input from our staff and community to best service their needs and safety.
In other news, construction will be continuing on commerce street during the week of April 12 when they plan to pour the decorative crosswalk near the Spanish Steps. They’ll also be installing the curb and gutter, ADA ramps, and sidewalks between S. 7th St. and I-705. The contractor plans to install the curb and gutter first on the Old City Hall side of the street, and then on the Spanish Steps/McMenamins side of the street after that.
In the area south of S. 7th St., the contractor found some unexpected underground conditions, and temporarily stopped the raceway and electrical vault work in this area.

During this time, Commerce St. will continue to be closed to two-way traffic from the crosswalk north of the Theater District Station to I-705. We will continue to keep access open to the parking lots and driveways on Commerce St.

That's it for the news, we are all really excited to be working and bringing you all the games and hobby materials and look forward to seeing you all soon!
Keep on Gaming,
TerraCrux Games

And now, a Joke: Why couldn't the pirate play Uno?
Answer: Because he was sitting on the deck!
Silverquills wield the magic of words, from inspiring battle poetry to biting arcane insults. Stylish, intimidating, and tirelessly competitive, these mages are born leaders with a razor-sharp wit and natural charisma that can be used for good or for ill. Their motto is "Sharp style. Sharper wit."
Prismari spells can be spectacles of raw creativity or meticulous artistic expressions. All the world's a stage, and whether their art is informed by mind or emotion, Prismari always leave a lasting impression. Their motto is "Express yourself with the elements."
Loreholds are diligent researchers and daring adventurers. Passionate scholars obsessed with history, they explore the past by pouring over archaeological artifacts and summoning long-dead spirits.
Their motto is "Leave no stone unturned."
Witherblooms draw power from the essence of living beings, whether that means enhancing nature or exploiting it. Witherbloom mages are most at home riding zombie crocs, picking herbs for potions, and hanging out in their swamp making grim jokes. Their motto is "Get your hands dirty."
Quandrix mages are ingenious math magicians. They study patterns, fractals, and symmetries to command power over the fundamental forces of nature. They'll solve a Rubik's Cube while contemplating the metaphysical properties of the universe and can recite every number of Pi backwards. Their motto is "Math is magic."
760 Commmerce St.
Tacoma, WA 98402