TerraCrux Newsletter: Volume 3 Issue 6
Hey TerraGamers and Friends
Covid Update: Washington state businesses are scheduled to open for all events and operations by June 30th. This date is based on current vaccination rates and assumes that we will reach the target by that time if not sooner. So get Vaccinated if you can and we will all be gaming together real soon!

At this time, Pierce County remains in Phase Two which means that Masks are required prior to entry, in store gaming is suspended and we strongly encouraging all customers to use our online store. (HERE)
Things are really starting to buzz around here as we all come out of our gamer caves and venture out into the land of sunlight. With the new guidance from local and CDC sources we have a roadmap to reopening and are working each day to bring us closer to that goal. All of our team has received their second dose of the vaccine and we are also requiring our event organizers to be vaccinated. We will continue to make decisions about reopening that are guided by science and safety as well as the needs and comfort of our staff and patrons.
In Magic the Gathering news, Wizards Play Network (WPN) has announced that they will be lifting their in store restrictions on May 28th. This will not change our in store play situation but it is a good sign that when our local guidance allows us to open we will be read!

Modern Horizons 2 is around the corner and we have some really nice products available! The set contains a slew of powerful cards for the Modern and Eternal formats. You can check out some of the previews HERE
Meanwhile, if hunting the undead and skulking through twisted swamps is more your thing, the next book from Dungeons and Dragons 5e is for you!

Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft has a wealth of player options alongside deep lore on the domains of dread and other fun tools for how to make your game positively drip with gothic horror!

Get your hard back now for our preorder discount HERE and secure your copy while supplies last.

It comes highly recommended.
In real world news, construction on Commerce street continues and our store front remains open. The best way to get here is to approach via 9th street and drive past the "Through Traffic Only" sign. We have four parking spots next to the store that you all can use while shopping with us.

Access will be open to driveways and parking garages/lots on Commerce St. The contractor may store some of their equipment in the street. As a result, a few parking spaces may not be available near the station.
Tacoma Link will continue to operate during its regular hours. The contractor will restore the area each night so the public can access the Theater District Station and Tacoma Link during the day.
Crews plan to return the following week (the week of May 17) to install the foundations for Link power poles in the Theater District Station area. This work would also happen at night during the same time frame.
Keep on Gaming,
TerraCrux Games

And now, a riddle:
What do you get when you cross a vampire with a teacher?
Answer: Blood Tests
The Yawning Portal Inn premium set includes everything you need to assemble your own diorama of Waterdeep’s Yawning Portal for play. This set features all the landmark pieces from the famous tavern, including the renowned dry well to lower your party into Undermountain!
Cable, the son of the X-Men leader Cyclops, was sent to the future to save his life when he was infected by the deadly techno-organic virus. Raised by Clan Askani, Cable was able to use his own incredible mutant powers to keep the virus in check, though the constant strain limits him from reaching his true potential. Granted incredible telepathic and telekinetic powers from his mutation, Cable is also equipped with advanced weaponry and technology from the 38th century. Having traveled back in time, Cable now seeks to change the apocalyptic future from which he grew up and ensure a better world for all.

Neena Thurman, a.k.a. Domino, was the product of an illicit government program whose goal was to create the ultimate mutant weapon. Unwilling to be a pawn of anyone, Domino escaped with the help of her powers and set out to find her own path in the world. With her ability to manipulate probability fields—ensuring things always go her way—and her extensive training in armed and unarmed combat, Domino became one of the most dangerous mercenaries in the world. Not long after, Domino found a new home and purpose as a hero as a mainstay member of X-Force.
Secrets of Magic brings the popular magus and summoner classes into Pathfinder Second Edition, unlocking heroes who combine magical might with martial prowess and offering command of a powerful magical companion creature. The lavishly illustrated, 256-page rulebook contains hundreds of new spells with potent offerings for all spellcasting character classes, magic items for any player character, and lore detailing the fundamental structure and theories of magic. A special section within the volume the Book of Unlimited Magic presents new methods of spellcasting, with elementalism, geomancy, shadow magic, rune magic, and even pervasive magic to give every place and creature in your game a magical spin!
Hero Points help you shape your characters heroic deeds, and this deck of 52 Hero Point cards gives you brand-new ways to guide your heros path toward greatness! These beautiful, full-color cards let you easily track your Hero Points at the table, and each card offers a different special benefit when you spend that Hero Point. Every effect is compatible with the Second Edition of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, giving you even more ways to turn your hero into a legend!
Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft contains everything you need to craft a horror-themed campaign for Dungeons & Dragons. Unleash a treasure trove of new story hooks, character options, and campaign customization to bring one of the most exciting Dungeons & Dragons settings to life!
Welcome to the Deadpool character pack, brought to you by me: the amazing Deadpool! Once terminal cancer patient Wade Wilson, I, the aforementioned Wade Wilson, was transformed into the incredible superpowered hero Deadpool! Thanks to the nerds at the Weapon X program, I was granted an off-the-charts healing factor which allows me to recover from even the most gruesome “for the love of all that’s holy, look away Timmy!” injuries. I’m also basically a ninja–expert marksman, a master in multiple martial arts (including the deadliest of all, Karate), and I speak, like, nine languages. But my greatest superpower of all is my dazzling wit and immeasurable charm. Though teams like the X-Men and Avengers would literally kill to have someone like me on their roster, I, the aforementioned Wade Wilson, a.k.a. Deadpool, remain los lobos–a lone wolf who hunts the moonlight desert in search of the only meal that will satisfy my endless hunger–justice! Also, they haven’t been returning any of my calls or emails…

A cowardly young man, Bob was persuaded to join the criminal organization Hydra by his wife, who accused him of not being able to hold down a steady job. The thought of a stable career with a dental plan also appealed to Bob, though he was ultimately disappointed to find out that Hydra does not, in fact, offer full dental like A.I.M. Bob’s life was forever changed when he met Deadpool during the Merc with a Mouth’s assault on his outpost. Deadpool convinced Bob to assist him with his mission and the two became lifelong partners. These days the H on Bob’s chest no longer stands for Hydra but Hero!
The worlds of infinite space are yours to discover with the Galaxy Exploration Manual! This all-new Starfinder rules expansion hardcover for players and Game Masters focuses on trailblazing, exploration-based play across an expansive variety of unusual planets packed with deadly dangers and thrilling possibilities for adventure!
The Ultimate Guide to Alchemy, Crafting, & Enchanting is the perfect addition to the world`s greatest roleplaying game! This supplement introduces a brand new game mechanic for creating items, potions, and magical goods. It also provides hundreds of new, never-before-seen illustrated magic items, both in-book and available separately as magic item decks!
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