TerraCrux Newsletter: Volume 3 Issue 9
Hey TerraGamers and Friends
Covid Update: Pierce County is now fully open under the Washington Ready plan and most guidelines have been rescinded. While you are free to wear a mask, and many of our staff will continue to do so, masks and physical distancing are no longer required for vaccinated individuals. Non-vaccinated persons are required to wear masks and distance.
Construction Update: Commerce street is currently one way going from 9th to 7th. Our parking spots are still open for you all to use. This may change quickly, consult local traffic signs for most up to date information. Please be mindful when driving in the construction zone and watch out for workers and pedestrians.
Happy Fourth of July everyone! We hope you all celebrate safely and have a great time. We will be keeping normal hours so if you need any games or hobby supplies to help celebrate Independence Day we've got you covered with lots of new releases as well as your old favorites.

Summer is always a busy time for us, not least of all with the state now fully reopened! We are working double time to get everything ready for a smooth and fun return to in store play! Miniature games have returned and it is going very well. We can't tell you how nice it has has been to have people back in the store rolling dice.

Magic the Gathering events will return with the Adventures in the Forgotten Realms prerelease! Entry is $30 which covers your kit as well as two draft boosters given out during the third round of play! Check out the schedule and buy tickets with the links below!
Friday the 16th: 7pm
Saturday the 17th: 10am, 3pm, 7pm
Sunday the 18th: 10am, 3pm, 7pm

And you can also purchase any other sealed product for Adventures in the Forgotten Realms HERE. Quantities are limited and might be subject to delays. We always hand out product on a first order first receive basis so guarantee your box by ordering early!

After this we will begin to roll out regularly scheduled Magic the Gathering and other events including Friday Night Magic, Drafts, and Commander nights. In store play will be limited to events only.
In addition, with in store play returning, Wizards is moving the At-Home Magic the Gathering Arena Code giveaway to Wednesdays-Thursdays. It has been renamed "Midweek Magic" and you can participate by submitting a screenshot of yourself playing Magic the Gathering in the Arena app starting on the 13th of July. Those that do will be sent a code that unlocks special goodies in the arena. You can join our discord HERE.

Role playing games, board games, and casual in store play is still temporarily suspended as we ease back into things. We are in active talks with organizers, staff, and the community to make this happen as quickly and as safely as possible.
That's all for now TerraGamers have a safe weekend and as always,
Keep on Gaming,
TerraCrux Games
The Yawning Portal Inn premium set includes everything you need to assemble your own diorama of Waterdeep’s Yawning Portal for play. This set features all the landmark pieces from the famous tavern, including the renowned dry well to lower your party into Undermountain!
This kit equips the Dungeon Master with a screen and other tools that are perfect for running D&D adventures through dungeons, whether ruined or thriving. The Dungeon Masters screen features a painting of a fantastic vista that plunges into the deep reaches of a mountain. Useful rules references cover the screens interior, with an emphasis on dungeon-delving.
Secrets of Magic brings the popular magus and summoner classes into Pathfinder Second Edition, unlocking heroes who combine magical might with martial prowess and offering command of a powerful magical companion creature.

Tiamat is rising and now you can get her for your own dragons hoard! The original mother of dragons is stunning at over 14 inches tall, and with a wingspan over 28 inches long. Tiamat is sure to be the centerpiece of your miniatures collection.
Tired of not having enough d6's for your sneak attacks? How about the raw damage of rolling 3d12 as your barbarian hits a critical with their great axe? Now you can have all the dice you need for your class (or even if you are the game master) with these great sets from Beadles and Grimm's.
Have a character sheet as epic as the hero or villain it chronicles! With these great new items from Beadle and Grimm's line of premium gaming products! Fighter, Wizard, Cleric, Rouge, and Druid are the first classes that will be release and more to come! Get yours with us with the link below!
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Tacoma, WA 98402