TerraCrux Newsletter: Volume 4 Issue 10
Hey TerraGamers,
Construction Update: Commerce street will be under continuous construction from July 31st to mid September as part of the finishing stages of the Link expansion project. Please follow all signs and worker instruction while navigating the area. Access to our storefront will be available during construction though our parking will be blocked or limited at points. You can read more about it HERE and we will keep you up to date as developments occur. Stay safe and drive carefully.
Big news TerraGamers! We are very happy to welcome the newest member of our team, Matt! You'll be getting to know a bit more about him in this edition of meet the TerraCrew.
Matt is a recent California transplant from Orange County. Though he has lived here just shy of a year, he already feels like Washington is his new home. He is an avid board gamer, active tabletop RPG'er, novice war gamer, and fanatic TCG player who is excited to expand his love for hobby and grow the community with his enthusiasm.

At a young age Matt was introduced to strategy-based board games such as Risk, Othello, and Stratego. He also immersed himself in fantasy literature and media, reading his dad’s hard back copy of the Lord of the Rings trilogy in grade school and growing up watching weekly episodes for Star Trek: The Next Generation. This combination of interests set him on his path towards more in-depth board games such as – Scythe, BloodRage, Terraforming Mars, Kingdom Death: Monster, and Brass. It also opened the door to tabletop RPG. Matt has enjoyed playing in multiple campaigns over the last two decades.

Matt’s biggest and most consistent passion is Magic: The Gathering. Playing and collecting since the Rath cycle, he loves every aspect of the game. Limited formats are his home away from home. He enjoys the smell of cracking fresh packs, the challenge and strategy of deck-building, and most of all the thrill of playing the game itself! And now you know Matt!
In Magic the Gathering news, the next set standard set coming out is Dominaria United. This one will pull at the heartstrings of any nostalgia gamer who remembers how even the name Urza could send chills down your spine. New players will also enjoy the set as it promises to introduce them to themes from the old days of MTG with new art and interesting rules interactions. Dominaria United will also feature all sorts of promotions as it falls on the 30th anniversary of Magic the Gathering as a brand! Box Toppers, Buy-A-Box Promos, and more! You can read more about it HERE!
That's all for now TerraGamers, look forward to all sorts of new games and updates as we get firing on all pistons and as always...
Keep on Gaming,
TerraCrux Games

And now, a Riddle: There more there is, the less you see.
Answer: Fog
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