TerraCrux Newsletter: Volume 4 Issue 11
Hey TerraGamers,
Summer is scorching along here in downtown Tacoma and new products are slamming down the pipeline!

But first, we at TerraCrux Games would like to take a moment to thank the healthcare workers and other public servants that continue to fight the battle against Covid-19, its variants, and other diseases impacting Pierce County. The last few years have been challenging and while the pandemic is not over we now have new stratagies, vaccines, and public knowledge to help mitigate the impact it continues to have on our lives. We are happy to report that Pierce County is currently at Covid Community Level: Low. If you would like to know more about local guidelines you can find it HERE.
As far as the construction on Commerce street, we are officially one third of the way through the final stage. Once complete the Tacoma Link light rail will expand up through Stadium District and allow for much easier access to our store as well as the rest of Downtown Tacoma. We are open during the construction and at the time of writing this our parking spaces are open. You must approach from 7th street and let the flagger know you are coming to TerraCrux Games. They will let you in. The work crews have all been very tolerant and kind during the construction and have even let us keep a bit of the track as a souvenir. We are looking forward to the finished product but in the meantime we appreciate all of your patience while we do our best to keep you gaming!
On to product news! The next set from Magic: the Gathering, Dominaria United, is set for prerelease on September 2nd, 3rd, and 4th! We will be doing a regular sealed deck event with a $35 buy in that covers the cost of your prerelease kit as well as prize support given out in the third round. Spoilers look great (I for one am a big fan of any printing of Squee). We have preorders available for all product as well as tickets to the prerelease HERE.
Also from Wizards of the Coast, the next book for Dungeons and Dragons takes us to the high magic setting of Dragonlance in the adventure Shadow of the Dragon Queen. There will be a brick and mortar retail exclusive alternate cover which you can preorder for the same price as an original cover (Both also get a 10% preorder discount). This is also the first release that will feature the Deluxe edition! The Deluxe edition has an even more unique cover and Dungeon Masters Screen, and it includes a copy of the tie-in board game: Warriors of Krynn! (also available for preorder separately).

That's it for now. As always be sure to check out our calendar for event information and all of our products are also listed on our sales website. We love you all and thanks for playing with us!
Keep on Gaming,
TerraCrux Games

And now, a Riddle: If you have 24 socks, one left and one right for 12 unique pairs, unsorted in 3 different dresser drawers and pick one at a time without looking, what is the minimum number of times you would need to pick a sock until you had a matching pair?
Answer: Twice
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