TerraCrux Newsletter: Volume 4 Issue 12
Hey TerraGamers,
Construction Update: Thursday September 8th 2022 - Our parking spaces will not be accessible as they will begin the new asphalt paving. This will take a better part of the day but should be able to regain your parking by 4pm. We appreciate your patience!
We are thrilled this issue to announce that our store has been in business for 9 years! 9 years of laughs, games, a few drinks, a few tears, that one time with that one guy! Wow! So, in order to celebrate, you (yes, you) are invited to join us on Saturday September 17th for cupcakes, commemorative buttons, and other surprises you will just have to see to believe! This is a free event and we just want to thank you all in our community for making this possible! Here is to the 10th year and then 10 more and 10 more after that! etc...

As well, some of you might have noticed Cody was missing for a few days. Where did he go? On a well needed vacation to visit his family in Oklahoma! Cody has not traveled since the beginning of the pandemic and so had to play a lot of games to make up for lost time.
We believe strongly in family gaming and the bonds that it builds so we are happy to have him back but glad he got to spend a bit of time doing the thing that drives him! (Don't worry, he brought pictures and some ideas for new games to carry in the store.)

On to more product related news and events! Stop reading if you do not care about Magic the Gathering or Dungeons and Dragons!
The Dominaria United prerelease for magic the Gathering was a huge success and we are so happy that everyone came out to enjoy this great set brimming with nostalgia and fantastic cards. We still have product in the form of set and draft booster boxes and these will still come with the buy a box promo while supplies last!

We will be holding the official Launch event Saturday! This will be a sealed win a box challenge as we have done for sets in the past. Sign up online or at the door! This also marks the beginning of the Dominaria United drafting season! We hold drafts every sunday and would love to see you there!

Our Dungeons and Dragons adventures league is going great so we would like to do a huge shout out to all of our local Dungeons Masters and players that make it possible. We are thrilled to see that Wizards of the Coast is now beginning to support it on their Eventlink system! Tracking player participation will help us to receive more product support as well as make the experience of Adventure League more consistent!

Finally, we have been getting restocked on some great board game titles! Root, Everdell, and other highly sought after titles are finally back on our shelves so be sure to check out these and other great products on our website or come into the store and pay us a visit! That's all for now!
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