TerraCrux Newsletter: Volume 4 Issue 15
Happy November TerraGamers,
We hope you are all had a spooky and safe Halloween weekend this year and would like to remind everyone to drive safely and to be aware of inclement weather and road conditions!

During the month of November there are a ton of great things happening at TerraCrux Games! We are enjoying being open seven days a week as it allows our team the ability to play more games with patrons and each other! Hot titles around the shop are the Night Cage; a cooperative escape horror board game, A Song of Ice and Fire; the Game of thrones miniatures game, and Shadowrun; a cyberpunk style RPG with deep connections to Seattle and the North-West.
We are also all excited about the release of the next set from Magic The Gathering: The Brothers' War. This set is freaking amazing and packed with powerful artifacts and interesting art treatments. From retro framed cards to "blue-print" showcases The Brothers' War is going to be a set to remember and one you will not want to miss. All products will be available for purchase on the day of the prerelease (November 11) and we will be running events all through that weekend.
And while we do love Magic the Gathering at TerraCrux, we also enjoy a wide range of card games and are always trying to expand our player base. That is why we are now participating in organized events for The Pokemon Trading Card Game. These are held on Sunday and are very casual and beginner friendly! Catch 'em with TerraCrux and be the Pokemon Master!
In the realm of miniature war gaming, we have just gotten in a new Battle Foam shipment so it is a great time to protect those miniatures you spend night and day building, magnetizing,and painting!
Why not use that new carrying case to bring the pain to our Kill Team Tournament November 6th! This event will be $10. Prize support will be paid in store credit! Event will be run through best coast pairing.

Doors open at 9:30am
Round 1 begins at 10am
Lunch 11:30am
Round 2 begins at 12:30pm
Round 3 begins at 2:15pm

Remember that it is gift giving season and you can always ask our friendly staff about good gift ideas for the gamer in your life! Stay tuned for our Black Friday Deals and more as we enter into the holiday season full steam!

Drive safe and as always,
Keep on Gaming,
TerraCrux Games

And Now, a riddle: Where do turkeys go when they want to dance?
Answer: The Butter Ball
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