TerraCrux Newsletter: Volume 4 Issue 4
Hey TerraGamers,
Spring is in full swing and things don't slow down at TerraCrux Games. We have a huge lineup of new products, restocks, events, and other exciting news so let's get into it!
Streets of New Capenna, the next set from Magic: the Gathering, is racing towards our shelves and you can preorder your product here! This new wave of magic cards are based in the noir inspired eponymously named gilded city. Spoilers are already revealing a number of powerful, flavorful, and beautiful cards that will be fun to play in limited and also a great addition to any collection or deck list.The Prerelease for Streets of New Capenna is April 22nd through the 24th! There are lots of events available and we have reduced the price to $30 per entry. You can see all the events on our calendar!
The much anticipated release of the Dungeons and Dragons Frameworks miniatures is happening soon and it is not too late to preorder yours here! These high detail miniatures have a ton of build options and are perfect for the hobby gamer that wants more customization for their models! And don't forget there are some awesome new books coming out soon such as Journeys through the Radiant Citadel and Monsters of the Multiverse!
Miniature Tournaments
We have a great schedule of Miniature War game events also lined up for the rest of April. All events are on our Calendar but here is a run down of the events we are most excited about.

Star Wars Legion Skirmish 4/16/22
Warhammer 40k ITC - 4/23/22
A Song of Ice and Fire 30 point - 4/30/22

That's all for now TerraGamers thanks for reading and we will see you soon!
Keep on Gaming,
TerraCrux Games

And now, a Riddle: What has a head, a tail, is brown, and has no legs?
Answer: A penny.
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