TerraCrux Newsletter: Volume 4 Issue 5
Hey TerraGamers,
We are always working to make your store experience more enjoyable here at TerraCrux Games. To that end we have been doing some fairly serious re-merchandising and shuffling of the store space so come in and see what we are working on. If something isn't where you remember it don't be shy about asking one of our helpful staff. Speaking of helpful staff, and to continue the trend of getting to know us a little better, in this issues edition of "Meet the TerraCrew" you will get to know our newest team member; Shan!
Originally from Humboldt County, a small part of northern California best known for its flora, Shan moved to Washington in no small part for better access to gaming spaces and other gamers. While he misses the forest moon of Endor that he left behind, Washington is now very much his home. His love of hobby originates from early games of Dungeons and Dragons and Magic: the Gathering. His interest in D&D grew into an enthusiasm for role playing games generally with Rifts and White Wolf titles. His interest in Magic: the Gathering focuses on the Commander format for which he has up to 8 decks at any given time. These days most of Shan’s gaming and hobbying revolves around Gaslands: Refueled. He comes in every Tuesday at 4PM to get his fill of vehicular mayhem and has no plan on hitting the brakes anytime soon!

Shan is also an enthusiast of works of horror and video games. He can talk far longer than one might want about the works of Stephen King, the World of Darkness setting, or the Fallout franchise. He has strong “Edition Wars” opinions when it comes to both Fallout and the World of Darkness but always keeps discussions friendly and good-natured. And Now
you know Shan.
Moving on to product and event news, Streets of New Capenna prerelease is this weekend (22nd through the 24th) with the release week to follow. We are super excited for the new set and look forward to everyone busting packs open and getting to wheel and deal with the new cards! We are holding regular sealed events all weekend as well as two headed giant on Saturday and Sunday. Tickets are $30 and available here! Set and Draft booster boxes will be available on the weekend as well with collector boxes, bundles, and other products being released the following week!
We have a great schedule of Miniature Tournaments and events lined up. Below is a quick list with some helpful links for interested parties. All information is also on our calendar!

That's all for now! Thanks for reading and as always...
Keep on Gaming,
TerraCrux Games

And now, a Riddle...What made Cyclops quit teaching?
Answer: He only had one pupil!
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