TerraCrux Newsletter: Volume 4 Issue 6
Hey TerraGamers,
In this issue we will be taking a closer look at a game that has become a staff favorite - Brew! This game has a lot of flavor for those who enjoy tea or coffee and like to make action economy look good! It is a great game with multiple avenues to victory. You can make potions in town, become the master of the forest, or tame lots of creature friends! The game is simple to play but complex to master and will result in no small amount of cut-throat tactical play for competitive players but also a fun game for novices and children alike. Beautifully designed and well crafted this game is a must for board game enthusiasts and families everywhere!
Thanks to everyone who made the streets of new Capenna Launch so much fun. The set continues to be well received and the cards are extra glitzy. What is good moves fast in this game and we want you to have access to the hottest sets and that is why we are excited to open the preorders for Commander Legends - Battle For Baldur's Gate as well as tickets for the prerelease HERE!
Rivenstone, is a new miniature skirmish game set in a high fantasy world. The game takes its name after Rivenstone, a magical crystalline formation that is both your victory condition and resource to muster more troops. Having to collect Rivenstone but also needing it to summon more troops is a very unique mechanic that sets this game in a class of its own. The miniatures are beautiful; the best word that comes to mind about them is animated. The game has four unique factions which fall into a human, undead, orrix, and dwarf in a very classic fantasy with its own unique feel. 
We are all very excited to get to learn to play next week at the Riven Stone Demo Day - May 14th

We have a great schedule of Miniature Tournaments and events lined up. Below is a quick list with some helpful links for interested parties. All information is also on our calendar!

That's all for now, check out some of our other new products and preorders below,
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And now, a Riddle: I have a tail, and a head, but no legs. I am probably with you now.
Answer: A Coin
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