TerraCrux Newsletter: Volume 4 Issue 8
Hey TerraGamers,
Construction Update - Southbound closure of Stadium Way between Division Avenue to 7th and Commerce street. This will be about 3 weeks in duration. The work will be in phases within the duration. We are open through the construction and apologize for any inconvenience.
Summer is almost here and we are feeling the fire as all kinds of great events, products, and changes are in the works here at TerraCrux Games. Let's get into it.
Free RPG Day is coming up on June 25th. We have a barge load of free promotional materials for upcoming and current role playing games as well as lots of great deals on RPG products. Purchases of role play products will also include entry into our free raffle for delux prizes. Winners will be announced on all media platforms and tickets will be required to claim prizes!
July 16th Geek Xtravaganza is bringing together the best variety of uniquely geeky creators and vendors in a bazaar covering lots of fandoms and genres of geeky goodness.
Vendors include Game Designers, Artists, Authors, Geeky T-shirts, Crafters, Makers, Pop Culture Artisans, and More! There will also be individuals selling their collectible toys, games, and memorabilia. Many vendors take commissions for personalized items.
Attendance is FREE and so is the popcorn! Doors open at 10 am. Every attendee gets 1 free Prize Drawing Entry, with multiple drawings every hour from 11 am - 5 pm. We also have a concession stand with lunch options, snacks, and beverages.
Next up on the horizon the very very excellent Double Masters 2022. So much doubling you can't believe it! This will be a premium set with lots of powerful cards reprinted so you can get your hands on it! Spoilers have already started and we know that we will be getting delays on collector boosters so orders will be processed in a first come first serve basis (as usual). The launch party is July 9th and the spoilers have already started coming in.
Finally, the long war or Warhammer 40,000 comes to Magic: The gathering with the amazingly awesome cross-over products called Universes Beyond Warhammer 40,000. The set features decks for the Heretics, Imperials, Tyranyds, and Necrons. If you are a fan of any or all of these brands or factions this set is a must have!

Wow, like I said, a lot of new products. And don't forget to check out below for other great titles releasing soon. As always...
Keep on Gaming,
TerraCrux Games

And now, a riddle: When is a door not a door?
When it is a mimic.
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