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A New Perspective

There is no Boogie Man!

What if I told you there is no Boogie Man? Sorry to be a spoiler but there is no Santa, Tooth Fairy or a Boogie Man under your bed!

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The boxes below are the scientists behind two conflicting theories. Louis Pasteur the "Father of Germ Theory" and Antoine Bechamp the developer of

"Terrain Theory".

"The Germ is nothing, The Terrain is Everything." It is told that Pasteur confessed this on his death bed.

Germ Theory (GT) vs Terrain Theory (TT)

The Boogie Man applies to these theories.

GT says there is a Boogie Man out to get us in the form of viruses, micro organisms, etc. This is the basis for big pharma medicine.

TT says there is no disease or Boogie Man, there is just a polluted terrain allowing opportunity for disease to take a foothold. When the terrain is clean the immune system is strong.

"...darkness is the absence of light"

Albert Einstein

Analogy- You have an old-school fish bowel. It has not been cleaned in 2 years. The water is all milky, murky and gross. What is the best way to save the fish and their health? Give them more food? Sing a little ditty to them?

How about changing the water?

In this analogy, the murky water is the dirty terrain in your body and environment. Clean or change the water is expelling toxins out of the terrain.

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Real Monsters - Silent Infections

Parasites - If you have a pulse you have immune system depleting parasites.

Fungal Candidiasis - If you have taken antibiotics you can be quite assured of having a fungal infection with leaking gut.

Dental Infections - Around 90% of cavitations (from extracted teeth) and root canals are infected without symptoms. Mercury/(amalgam fillings) is one of the most toxic substances on earth and it is put in our mouths. Craziness!. Teeth directly effect acupuncture meridians, organs, and your health. Electro acupuncture can help greatly but a bio-dentist is recommended.

Vaccines - Vaxes have been toxic since 1957, containing very funky ingredients. CV Jabs are a different animal and shown to be very damaging. There is little to no liability for vax injury, that says a lot!

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Bio-Hacks for Silent Infections and to Strengthen Your Immune System

Electro Acupuncture Medicine (EAM)- restores health to the blood, lifts out of sympathetic dominance, compensates for the dental issues, and reduces parasite population.

Active Isolated Stretching/Fascial Manipulation - oxygenates/detoxes deep fascia and improves overall movement as well as excellent for recovery and sports performance. Movement is the defining characteristic of life and essential for longevity.

Parasite Cleanse - constant managing of parasites through specific supplementation is key. Ivermectin has just been cleared by the FDA for treatment of CV19. It is an anti-parasitic. A day late and a dollar short I would say!

Fungal Candidiasis Cleanse - harmonizes with systemic fungus and sealing the leaky gut.

Dental - Use a bio-dentist They will remove toxic mercury fillings, fix cavitations and address root canals safely and healthfully. EAM can compensate for the damage of the teeth.

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The box below shows blood before and after Electro-Acupuncture Medicine. Blood should not be clumped together as in the left picture. It should be free flowing and separated as in the right.

The box below shows how each tooth is related to each acupuncture meridian and organ system and can be effectively treated through the ear.

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