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Terydon has been featured on the online news source Yahoo! Finance, credited as the leader for "modernizing" industrial cleaning during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Check out the feature below!
So, COVID-19 has changed things.

Yet, even during this Global Pandemic,
the hard jobs can be completed with software.
Terydon's TeleJETTINGabides by the Social Distancing Restrictions and enables "Work From Home" remote heat exchanger cleaning! Watch below!

Built upon the Terydon Lunch Box Platform, TeleJETTING is made possible through the creative combination of:

Automated Robotics
Communications Technologies
Computerized Devices
Safety Protocols
Remote Monitoring
An end-user uses Terydon's TeleJETTING™ to remotely clean a heat exchanger from the office in order to abide by COVID-19 Social Distancing requirements.