Lunch Box Software Version 1.16 is here!

FREE download of the
Lunch Box App Software Version 1.16.
What is new? The features include:

  • New processing efficiencies, primarily related to our 100% Fully Automated Smart Clean process

  • Enhanced Smart Feed Z-Axis reporting

  • Protect and Secure YOUR data using the Terydon Support Center:

  • Securely store Tube Bundle Templates and Job Data Collection Reports in your own centralized Cloud Portal

  • Wirelessly retrieve templates from your Portal and run jobs using any of your computerized devices

  • Wirelessly back up your valuable information to avoid data loss

  • View your Data Summary Reports from the portal using any web browser from any computerized device

  • Compile and selectively share your secured data by logging into your Portal with your unique User Name and Password

  • Enhanced Firewall to ensure that your data remains private and safe

What is required?
A Computerized Device
Wifi or Internet Connection
A registered account

Terydon's commitment to privacy.
Terydon stands by our commitment to our customers by guaranteeing your exclusivity to the data that you collect. Your data is protected by Terydon's Oath To Confidentiality: our continued promise since the introduction of our data collection methods in 2012.