Terydon's Relocation: Canton's Civic Leadership Speaks!
Photo credit Joe Albert Photography
Terydon's relocation to the “Home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame” contributes to the decades-long revamping of the mid-sized Rust Belt city, once a burgeoning regional manufacturing and trades capital. After years of the absence of industry in the region, Terydon intends to spearhead a movement aimed at returning innovation and job growth to the urban center.

Donn Angus, Director of City Planning, shares a value to restore Canton’s former industrial prowess and reclaim status as a manufacturing hub:

"Canton -- the 'Hall of Fame City' -- is known as the birthplace of professional football; however, our long-lasting legacy with manufacturing is something that our community has been equally proud of…we take a deep sense of pride in welcoming new, innovative companies such as Terydon in our city.”

Photo credit Joe Albert Photography
Through its decisive investment into the local community, Terydon hopes to complement peer local ventures, such as the $12M taxpayer-funded Centennial Plaza.

Mayor Thomas Bernabei was able to be reached for comment and expressed the following:

"Terydon is a great and growing technology company with national contracts and products. I am excited that they have chosen Canton as their new home!"

Photo credit Joe Albert Photography
Nestled amongst other locally owned businesses and adjacent to the vibrant Arts District, this former data center and crypto-mining fortress will not only provide sufficient square footage for growth - but more importantly, fulfill critical security protocol requirements on current and future U.S. Department of Defense and other Federal Government contracts.

We anticipate completion of the relocation and expansion process by 4th Quarter, 2022, and cannot wait to keep you up to date with the progress. For more information, speak to a Terydon representative here!