Elon Musk is a genius.
No, for real.

From pioneering secure online financial transactions to successfully performing vertical landings within his  privately owned aerospace company (yes, rocket ships),
Musk's brilliance is showcased through every avenue into which he ventures.
Heck, he even tinkered with building a 3-D Hand-Gesture Design Platform
(think J.A.R.V.I.S. from Iron Man) just for fun.

Elon Musk may or may not be the real-life Tony Stark

So when it comes to automobile design, it is safe to assume a masterpiece, right?


As the CEO of Tesla Motors, his Model S luxury sedan is the pinnacle
of electric car engineering. How good?

The Tesla Model S won awards including the 2013  World Green Car of the Year , 2013  Motor Trend Car of the Year Automobile  magazine's 2013 Car of the Year, 
Time Magazine's  Best 25 Inventions of the Year 2012 award and Consumer Reports'  top-scoring car ever. In 2015,  Car and Driver  named the
Model S the Car of the Century.

What am I getting at?

The Model S was extensively built around front-end software, accessible at the 17" touch-screen in the center console. Due to the car's all-wheel electric motor drive,
its 270 miles per charged battery, and its capability of 0 to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds,
this software interface was overlooked until the first software upgrade
was released,  offering hands-free driving. That's right, autopilot.

Crazy, right? 

People did not know what to do. And even with this phenomenon, they still did not yet grasp the big picture of what Musk was doing at Tesla. That is, until Tesla introduced their most recent software upgrade, this time featuring the self-parking and vehicle summoning feature.

Now the picture is clear. Musk developed the hardware strategically around the front-end software of the Model S, so that future enhancements could be added to his vehicle by a simple software upgrade at a click of a button. Pure genius.

How does this apply to waterblasting?

Two words: "Lunch Box".

In a strategic plan, which in many ways is parallel to Tesla Motors, Terydon has enlightened the waterblasting industry with simple and user-friendly wireless control through a touch-screen tablet. While competitors scrambled to the drawing board to conjure up a "wireless" control, they focused only on the nearsighted goal; a competitive product for "right now", and not for the future.

Terydon SPECIFICALLY picked the touch-screen tablet as its source for control, because of its massive computing abilities. Where competitive products merely send a radio signal (no different than your 8 year old son's remote controls his toy car), the tablet has evolved leaps and bounds from the original computers to offer immeasurable amounts of power from a 7 inch device,
and to be effortlessly enhanced through software upgrades.
The competition is thick over here.

How do we know?

We've already done it.

If you look back on the timeline of Terydon's development since 2012, you can see how we have followed that exact plan:
  1. Achieve Wireless Control via Bluetooth.
  2. Install Safety Dead-Man Switch for operator safety - software upgrade.
  3. Incorporate Accurate Digital Feedback on feed rate and controlled rotation for the Terydon Hose Ree l Family - another software upgrade.
  4. Enable the imbedded Data Collection to continuously record and calculate useful data on site. Information may be used to measure production, where avenues can be improved, and the efficiency of the application being performed - another software upgrade .
  5. Introduce the Smart Indexer, the first mobile X/Y Indexing system with Automated Hole Location (July 2015).
  6. Offer Hole Recollection, an upgrade for Automated Hole Location which tells the operator if he has already cleaned the tube he is in front of.
  7. Latest software add-on to be showcased at the WWETT Show next month.

Mind. Blown.

As we embark forward into the future, Terydon can follow this existing business model when releasing newly develope d products and adaptations, and when running multiple devices from a single control, likewise saving contractors considerable amounts of money by upgrading software instead of purchasing a completely new product.

Considering our everyday  mobile devices h ave more computing power than Apollo 11 had to put the first man on the moon , the door is wide open to continuous advances.

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