Tesla hasn't done a vehicle dedicated event for a while. That's finally about to change as the company is holding a delivery event, highlighting the importance of its Semi.

Tesla unveiling events used to be a regular thing, the company would organize an event when it was launching new cars, new products or even new services. It hasn’t done it in a while and its announcement that it is holding a delivery event for Semi truck on December 1 caused some stir on the Internet.

The event is open to Tesla’s shareholders and those who want to attend need to register via the Tesla Shareholder Platform and a draw will follow with each share giving one entry in that draw.

The lucky participants will be invited to Giga Nevada to take part in what will be a huge event.
Refreshingly electric: PepsiCo has placed orders for 100 Tesla Semi electric trucks.

It has taken Tesla a long time to deliver its first Semi but the trucks are here and Pepsi will be the first company taking deliveries. This moment was five years in the making and Tesla is not going to let it pass unnoticed. The company will finally release more technical details about the trucks.
We have probably 100 questions about the truck and the technology that it is built on but we’ll have to wait to get the answers.

Knowing Tesla though, the Semi won’t be the only vehicle on the show. There will be updates on Cybertruck and even maybe an update on the Roadster - after all Semi and Roadster were both unveiled together back in 2017.

It will be a while before the company gets to 100,000 trucks per year, the next year’s target of 50,000 trucks is ambitious. A lot of work and no time to spare.
While the Giga Nevada is a joint battery factory of Tesla and Panasonic. Tesla set up a small truck production line in a new building near Gigafactory 1 in Reno – for five vehicles per week.

It is still not known how many vehicles Tesla will hand over to Pepsi on 1 December. Around 40 Semis could have been built in the eight weeks between the announced start of production and the delivery event.
Robin Denholm, chair of the Tesla board, told the Wall Street Journal that the company was aiming to produce 100 Semis this year.

The real production ramp-up should then take place in 2024: Then Tesla aims to produce 50,000 units, as recently announced at the analysts’ conference on the latest quarterly figures.