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As we approach Labor Day weekend, many of you will enjoy a long weekend filled with family, hopefully somewhere near the water. We hope everyone stays safe and cool. If you are staying or coming to Austin then check out Austin Insider's top Labor Day Activities.

In this week's report, we have some exciting highlights, it's too early to do a first look at stats for August so we'll dive into why today's Buyers can Benefit from a late Summer slowdown, and what Tesla's arrival means for the Kyle Housing Market. For investors, we present the breakdown of why waiting for a great deal can be a huge waste of time.

We hope you enjoy this report and look forward to sharing the first look at local August stats with you next week.

Remember, real estate is hyperlocal and situational. If you have any questions or need help navigating the market, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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Just like the changing seasons, the housing market follows its own rhythm. Spring and early summer are like the sizzling months, while things cool down around September. Sometimes, we get unexpected twists, like a hot winter or a cooler than normal summer, shaking things up a bit. But from most accounts, this year seems to be sticking to the pattern!

A recent Zillow report hints at a late-summer slowdown is already upon us. Price hikes are easing up – homes rose by <1% from June to July, a step back from the previous months' climb. Plus, houses are lingering on the market a tad longer, taking an extra two days to snag a buyer compared to April and May.

Are we saying there's an opportunity here?

Yes, this is good news for eager buyers, especially in Austin. A combination of lower prices and less competition is good news for home buyers looking to make a move in the months ahead. But keep your head on a swivel, even with these positive signs, you need to be ready for action, especially when the opportunity you've been waiting for arrives, we are still seeing competition for well-priced and unique homes.

Read the Full Zillow Report

Community News

Tesla to lease Three warehouses Just off I-35

in Kyle in a major expansion

It's clear that Tesla's decision to expand into the suburb of Kyle, south of Austin, is being seen as a positive development for both the city and the region as a whole. The move signifies a recognition of the area's growing economy and potential for further development. Local leaders are likely excited about the prospects of increased economic activity and job creation that Tesla's presence can bring.

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New Market Activity by Area

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Mix-Use & Office

Residential Income,

Multi-Fam & Apartment


Hotels, Warehouses,

Flex and Industrial

Land Dev, Site-Plan,

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Investor Insights

Investors: Waiting For a "Great" Deal Can Be a Huge Waste of Time

Great deals are great, right? But how much do you sacrifice when waiting for one? Sometimes, it might make sense to get an "okay" deal instead. This a great article outlineing why the Investor community obsession with getting a “great deal” is not really justified?

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Short-Term-Rental Loans: What Are the Options, How Do DSCR Loans Stack Up?

Short-term rentals are still hot, despite what some pundits say. That's why you should be learning to scale your portfolio even further with DSCR loans.

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Things to Do on Labor Day Weekend 2023 in Austin

If you're planning to spend your Labor Day Weekend 2023 in Austin, we've got some exciting things planned. Here are some insider ideas for restaurants, bars and brunches over the holiday weekend in Austin.

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