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Test Your Knowledge: 
Alcohol Use by Daria Todor ACSW LCSW-C MAC

Alcohol is the most used drug in the world, but one that is often misunderstood. Today, SMOHIT Counselor Daria Todor asks the question, "How much do you really know about alcohol?" Please take a few moments to review this 10-question quiz. We think you'll find the answers eye-opening: 

  1. True or False:  Worldwide, there is no consensus on what a safe limit is for alcohol consumption. Because of this you can drink as much as you want as long as you do not feel "too drunk."  
    Answer: False. The only true safe amount is zero. Health and safety studies continue to show mixed, contradictory outcomes. Some show positives at low limits of use - 1-2 drinks per day at most. Others show detriments countering those studies. What definitely is false: the idea that people can drink as much as they want using self-assessment while under the inflluence. Reason: once a person starts drinking, the brain's ability to make wise choices becomes impaired. People use confirmation bias to convince themselves that they are good drivers, for instance, because drinkers get behind the wheel an average of 80 times before getting caught. Some go for decades for thousands of drunk drives before their first DUI. A false sense of security sets in, reinforced by the intoxicated belief that they are driving well. Same goes for health problems - it may take decades before alcohol`s impact is known.
  2. True or False:  Alcohol affects women and men identically so that a 160 pound woman and a 160 pound man will have the same Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) when tested at the same time after the same amount. 
    Answer: False. Women and men process alcohol differently so in most cases, especially at higher levels of consumption, BACs will be higher for women.
  3. True or False:  If you go to bed after a night of binge drinking and then drink enough water, take a shower in the morning and eat a healthy breakfast, you should be fine to drive the next morning to go to work because you slept eight hours. 
    Answer: False. Binge drinking is defined as consuming the equivalent of five or more drinks for men and four or more for women. At the minimum levels, men and women who weigh 160 pounds can take a minimum of seven hours (women) and seven-and-a-half hours, (men). At nine drinks, it takes 16 and 13.5 hours respectively. It does not end there. You still have to deal with the rebound ("hangover"), a systemic inflammatory response to alcohol's toxic effects. Hangovers are leading causes of on-the-job injuries and missed time from work. Sleep is impaired with even small amounts of alcohol. And BTW, eating a healthy breakfast, drinking water, showering and getting enough hours in bed are not helpful in ridding the body of alcohol. Only time without more alcohol helps that.
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