September  2015


I love this time of year!  A fresh, new start, the beautiful colours of the fall, and a rested reflection on the summer we just had that you hopefully enjoyed! Now it is time for back to school, and with it comes a renewed focus on RESP savings. 

With so much focus on school, it's important to know how a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) can really help.  Here are the most important facts:

* RESPs started years ago, but really took off in 1998 when grant money was introduced.

*$7200 is the maximum RESP grant that can be
received per child, unless you qualify for additional funding.  This provides a 20% match to your contributions.

*The maximum you can contribute is $50,000/child. The maximum you can contribute that will be matched by grant money is $36,000.

* RESPs can stay open up to 36 years, so there is lots of time to use the funds for post-secondary education.

*Most post-secondary programs qualify for RESP withdrawals including apprenticeships, colleges, and universities, as long as they last at least 10 weeks, and can provide proof of registration. 

*Estimated university education in 2025 is $100,000-$125,000 for a 4 yr degree, living away from home.

How Can We Help?

By using strategies that allow you to maximize your grant money even if you didn't think you could, and also managing the taxable portion of the RESP in the most effective manner, we help the account go farther, and have more impact on your Post-secondary costs.  

Just ask us about how you can  benefit from these ideas.

For more information, please see the RESP website: RESP INFO




Discussions about volatility in the markets have been a part of my meetings for over 1 year.  While it's been slower to come than I expected, we are now seeing big swings in the markets.  Not much has changed, but some economic indicators are now slowing, causing concern over global growth.  As usual, when this starts, we tend to see some overreaction, and more caution to enter the markets.  


2 pieces have been helpful as of late that put perspective on the market shifts that we're seeing.


Wisdom of Uncertainty provides an interesting perspective on how markets swing. 


Blackrocks' Semi-Annual Report has a good take on the market volatility, and is worth reading. 4 things to do. For more information, check it here.


As always, we have some good reports and updates on how some of the active funds are managed.  Putting volatility in Perspective.


Last, the chart says it all!  If we can help you focus on your priorities, please call

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What's New? Upcoming Events

September 17th: 
Good Bye to Leslie Whidden, Chamber CEO.  Come congratulate Leslie on 14 years with the Richmond Hill Chamber of Commerce,  and meet many of the businesses of Richmond Hill. To register, go to RHCOC.

September 24th:
Women who want an edge on financial awareness can't miss this presentation.  Janine & Heather Keeling, will be at the BWNYR in Markham. 
Your Money, Your Future,
Managing Your Road to Success Without the Potholes

To register, go to BWNYR.

September 27th:
Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts will be hosting their open house on Sunday, September 27th at the theatre.  As a  sponsor for the 2015 season, please come join us this afternoon to learn more about the theatre, and enjoy live entertainment and community spirit. This is a free event open to the public!
The Joy of Aging 2015- What Your Mother Never Told You!

Sunday, Nov. 1st
Join us on at the 7th annual The Joy of Aging.  This year, featuring  Tracy Moore as the MC and Dr. Ahmed El-Sohemy as the keynote speaker.
"The Answer May Be In Your Genes": learn about the cutting-edge science of Nutrigenomics, and how your genes affect your response to food.

For Tickets or Sponsorship opportunities:  "The Joy of Aging"

All funds raised support Mackenzie Health Foundation. Early bird prices are still in effect.  In fact, a table of 10 is a steal at our early bird prices!

Check out the website The Joy of Aging

With summer coming to an end, we start to think about ventures farther afield.  This website puts together some wonderful trips.


A special thank you to Women's Travel Network for being a sponsor at The Joy of Aging 2015. 

I know there are many great websites out there and great books.  Please share your favourites so we can continue to help others get the best information on the web!



UPCOMING FEDERAL ELECTIONS: Live in Richmond Hill and want to be informed about your candidate options?  Check out the RH Chamber website  

for all the upcoming candidate events.  Next events are:
Sept, 24 and 29.



REFERRALS: Thank you for your referrals. We really appreciate you passing along our name.  If you know somebody who needs a 2nd opinion on their portfolio, or who really needs to focus on planning for the future and setting some objectives, I can help.  Ensuring you have the retirement income you need and paying the least amount of tax along the way is how I enable you to meet your personal financial objectives.  



Quote of the Month:


Successful people are wise enough to improve with age like a good wine.  Only the foolish let themselves turn sour like old milk.  (Unknown).   


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