What games will 2017 bring?
A full-scale review of possible new titles is underway!
The Buzz from Buonocore
I can't begin to describe how crazy it is here at The Stronghold!  I will have to be brief, so that I can get back to work testing the onslaught of potential 2017 titles!

This weekend, on both Saturday and Sunday, we were doing playtesting on about 50 games.  These were brought home from the Essen Spiel to see what may or may not make the Stronghold Games 2017 catalog.

That's a lot of playtesting....

We'll hint later how this all went.  So much work... but so much love to put into getting the new catalog together for you!

Sorry for the brevity this time.  Duty at The Stronghold calls!

Stephen M. Buonocore
President,  Stronghold Games
Here come the Essen games!
This Wednesday - Fabled Fruit & Fuji Flush hit retail
Fabled Fruit  and  Fuji Flush   will be in retail stores on Weds, Nov 9.

As soon as I got back from Essen I was off to the GTS Distribution "Come & Play Day" in Atlanta.  Guess who I ran into there?  Our good friend Rodney Smith from Watch It Played.  Rodney and I sat down to talk about these hot new releases designed by Friedemann Friese.  
Click any of the gameplay images below to see Rodney and I talk about each game -- you'll get a friendly overview of how each game is played.
Fabled Fruit
Using very simple worker placement and set collection, the animals of the forest compete to collect fruits and create the best juices.

Fabled Fruit is a "Fable Game," a unique new persistent gaming experience. A fable game starts in an i nitial, simple state, but as you explore deeper into the game system -- the mechanisms and gameplay will evolve over time. 
Additionally, this game is accessible, fun, playful, and interactive.  
2-5 Players,  25 Minutes,  Ages 8+
Click the image above to listen to Rodney and I discuss Fabled Fruit.
Fuji Flush
Be the first player to get rid of all of your cards! Flush lower cards off the table with big cards or team up to flush big cards away.
Fuji Flush is a fast, fun, easy-to-learn card game that will have you shouting as your cards are sent down the drain!
Guaranteed to be a great gift for non-gamers and the ultimate stocking stuffer of 2016.
3-8 Players, 15 Minutes, Ages 8+

Click the image above for the full Fuji Flush YouTube video.
Fuji Flush Puzzle
In  Fuji Flush , cards of the same value and color combine.  For example, two 3s would combine to have a value of 6 and three 3s become 9. While three 3s combine to have a value of 9, they do not combine with a card having a face value of 9. In this way, cards of the same color increase above their initial values in an effort to flush lower cards off of the table.     

PUZZLE QUESTION: Given the game's card distribution in the image above, what is the maximum card value in an 8-player game?

The answer is HERE The full rules -- two short pages -- are  HERE .  
More Titles from the Fall Line-up
Preorders closing now/soon -- and a Thief @ BGG
Stronghold Games is ending 2016 with the line-up of games that debuted at Essen Spiel.  Those games are now on boats or making their way into our warehouses.  The 2F-Spiele games above are the first to arrive.

When you order direct from the Stronghold website you get the games at a 30% discount and we'll ship them to you before they hit the retail distribution channel.   Please act quickly if you want one of these.

Preorders Closing on Monday, Nov 7  ( 3pm Eastern)
Alexander Pfister does cattle ranching!  If that's not enough for you, please check out this full playthrough video by JonGetsGames. It's very thorough and you'll see the whole game (1 5 hours went into the video!). 

Geoff Engelstein's innovative 2-player game set in the European theater of WWII.  It's a rarity in that you're fighting on the map for control, but there are no visible units on the board.  See this well-written review on BGG:

Stefan Feld's accessible game of Viking jarls. Gather prestige by trading goods, holding big feasts, funding pillages, commissioning craftsmen and hiring soldiers to defend the city against recurring invasions.

Preorders Closing Soon

SOLA FIDE: The Reformation

In this two-player game by the renown design team of Jason Mathews and Christian Leonhard, players attempt to install the Reformation in the Holy Roman Empire (Protestants) or try to prevent it (Catholics).  The game celebrates the 500th year of Martin Luther's "Ninety-Five Theses" in 1517. 

This is a standalone dice game following up the boardgame  La Granja.  P layers collect resources to cross them off on their scoring sheet as they hire helpers for special effects and build a barn to store goods.  Sometimes they will also need a little time off and have a Siesta!
Now Available at the BGG Store


This mini-expansion for Diamonds, consists of a 60mm circular token that moves around the table whenever the clubs suit action is taken.  This Gen Con sell out is now available at BGG - HERE

Remaining 2016 Calendar
Closing out the biggest year yet for Stronghold
Convention -- November 16 - 20
  • BGG.CON (Dallas, Texas)
Street Date -- November 23
  • Great Western Trail
  • The Fog of War
  • Jórvík
Street Date -- December 7
  • Sola Fide: The Reformation
  • La Granja: The Dice Game - No Siesta
Already Announced for 2017
These titles have already been announced 
Fields of Green  
In Fields of Green, players are farmers in the second half of the 20th century trying to expand their property and business.  By adding fields, livestock and facilities, they build an economic engine that will bring them closer to victory.
The game -- inspired by  Among the Stars  -- combines drafting and spatial card placement to build an ever-expanding farm.  At the end of each year comes a harvest season when players must water their fields, feed their livestock, and pay maintenance costs in order to receive valuable resources that will allow them to expand further in the next year.
Stronghold, 2nd Edition: Undead  
Stronghold: Undead is a re-balancing of the original Undead expansion for the all-new Stronghold, 2nd Edition published earlier this year.
Dark forces are brewing and the Necromancer is at the gates.  This expansion introduces rules for gathering mana, spell casting, and terror. Along with new buildings and abilities for the Defender, Stronghold: Undead includes a brand new map with new routes for the Attacker to breach the walls.

Check out this video of Ignacy talking about the expansion: HERE

Stronghold - 1st Edition, Upgrade Pack  
There's not much to say about this other than we expect it will be available First Quarter or early Spring of 2017.  Note: This will not be going into distribution.  It will only be available from the Stronghold Games website.

Terraforming Mars - More coming soon!
The stock from the first printing for Terraforming Mars disappeared almost as soon as it came in.  There's still a number available for BGG.CON, but everyone else will have to wait until the 2nd printing in January. 
Note: TM is still at the top of the BGG hotness!!!

These Preorders Close Nov 7 @ 3PM
30% off ...and you get it before the Retail Release!

The preorders for these amazing new Great Designers Series titles will close at 3pm EST on Monday, Nov 7th.  Please act now if you want to get them before their retail release and at a 30% discount. Thank you.