The BILL OF RIGHTS need EVERYONE's help to SAIL again this year!

OH NO !!!  Mr Bill !!!

We had a great sail Valentine's day, the weather was perfect and we filled the boat, it was a big success, thank you everyone.

We did encounter a very serious problem during the sail, in that our transmission overheated. Measuring the temperature of the case, we had gotten to 285 degrees.

I have checked it out on a superficial basis, and there is clutch plate debris in the oil, so we have a failure in process there. Further investigation reveals the heat exchanger for the transmission has been improperly connected for years. The manual states that the cooling water must go through the transmission heat exchanger first, then through the engine. It is hooked up backwards. This means water is at 160 degrees by the time it gets to the transmission. The manual lists a do not exceed for long periods temperature of 190 degrees.

I am searching for a used replacement transmission, and have not yet found one. My expectation is that we may well be looking at $5,000 or more to get this done, plus we have our insurance due, another $4,000. This means we have to raise $10,000 now.  And the boat can't sail until fixed so we're losing revenue. 

I am sending out this call to you, our members and supporters, asking for any help you can give us.

Any Ideas?


Any amount will help....   $10... to $1000 ... or if you'd really like to be a HERO, add a few more digits...  WOW..   

Click on the button above to donate by Credit Card.
Swing by the office or mail a donation to:
604 Marina Parkway
Chula Vista, CA  91910

Send me your suggestions and comments.
Don Johnson...  

This is a CRITICAL time for our organization and we can succeed with your help.
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