Teva has reported a $17.5-billion operating loss for 2017, mostly from impairment changes relating to its US generics business. Teva President and CEO Kåre Schultz said the company is on track for its previously announced restructuring plan, which involves job reductions of 14,000, half of which are expected to be completed by the end of the first half of 2018. Read More

Amgen is investing $300 million in a new biomanufacturing plant in the US, as part of a five-year capital-expenditure plan of $3.5 billion. Amgen expects to finalize the exact location of the plant in the second quarter of 2018. Read More

Janssen Biotech, one of the pharmaceutical companies of Johnson & Johnson, has formed a development pact with Theravance Biopharma, a biopharmaceutical company, for a Phase II compound and related back-up compounds for treating inflammatory intestinal diseases, in a deal worth up to $1 billion. Read More

Novo Nordisk plans to invest $65 million to expand its finished-products manufacturing facility in Clayton, North Carolina. It is the company’s third expansion at the site since 2010. Read More

The FDA has upgraded the status of Pfizer’s fill/finish manufacturing facility in McPherson, Kansas. Pfizer received a Warning Letter in 2017 following an FDA inspection of the facility. The upgraded status lifts a compliance hold on approval of pending applications of products made at the facility. Read More

Sanofi has sold a US biomanufacturing facility and global rights to develop, manufacture, and commercialize Leukine (sargramostim), an immuno-stimulant drug, to Partner Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical company focused on cancer. Read More

Delmar Chemicals, a manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), pharmaceutical intermediates, and other organic fine chemicals, plans to invest $45.8 million to increase production capacity of its API plant in LaSalle, Quebec. Read More

Celltrion, an Incheon, South Korea-based life-sciences company, has received a Warning Letter from the FDA for GMP violations for finished pharmaceuticals at its manufacturing facility in Incheon. Read More

The US House of Representatives’ House Energy and Commerce Committee has sent a letter to FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb asking the agency to review the US supply of Chinese heparin, an anticoagulant, and provide a contingency response plan in the event of a heparin shortage. Read More

A report from the European Commission (EC) has found a wide variation in penalties across the European Union (EU) for circulation of falsified medicines. The report analyzes implementation of the European Falsified Medicines Directive, which seeks to address counterfeit or falsified medicines in the EU, including the related supply chain. Read More