Texas we are Standing With You

September  2017


Houston, Texas
We salute you! 
You have shown us what it is to be an American. 
Neighbor helping neighbor, caring, compassionate and loving. 

Houston, Texas

 Standing Together 

Cancer isn't the only thing

Where we need to stand together

Hurricanes, floods and other things

Can pull us away from each other.

So my Standing with You pin

That I put on this day,

Is to tell those folks in Texas

I am also Standing with You today.

You have set a great example

For the entire world to see,

How by loving and caring for each other

Is how all American's should be.

We ache for what you've been through

But recover - you will do.

Please know that our great nation is

Cheering and Standing With You.

Sue McCollum ©

Message from
Sue McCollum

     In shock and in disbelief we watched the great state of Texas go through a difficult and challenging time. (Much like when we have that diagnosis of cancer.)  Our hearts, souls, and minds are all numbed by this experience as we watch night after night with great sadness. 
     We are also impressed and in awe of the way this community has come together to help and support each other as we also do in the cancer community.  We salute those in Texas for showing the world what life in America is all about.

                               Until Next Time...          

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