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In its 10th year, the Texas-EU Business Summit is the premier event for Texas businesses, entrepreneurs and economic development professionals seeking to expand their footprint in Europe. The summit provides Texas businesses, entrepreneurs, policymakers and target businesses with an overview of trade and expansion business opportunities in Europe as well as information and connections to make the most of those opportunities.

10th Annual Texas EU Business Summit

November 9, 2021

7:30am-4:30pm Central Daylight Time

In-person and via Zoom

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The Texas-EU Business Summit

The Lone Star State's Platform for Success in Europe

Texas Businesses are rushing to participate in this year’s Texas-EU Business Summit. Now in its tenth year, the summit is the state’s premier forum for connecting businesses, entrepreneurs, and economic development agencies with trade representatives from nations of the European Union. The EU offers Texas business a market of more than 450 million people with a combined economy of $15 trillion, encompassing many different markets, needs, and comparative advantages.


Beginning with our ten years an independent republic, Texas has always been outward-looking. Today, we pursue trading relationships more aggressively than other state. This is a key reason Texas has been America’s largest exporter for almost two decades, exporting $279 billion in 2020. The Texas-European relationship is a cornerstone of our economic success and the Texas-EU Business Summit provides businesses and entrepreneurs with the knowledge and connections to grow the partnership further.  The Summit is not only for corporations or large businesses, in 2016 small and medium-sized business accounted for 39.9% of all Texas exports.


Following the success of the virtual summit preview held in May 2021, the Summit will return on November 9, 2021. Participants may choose whether to attend virtually or in-person. Participants will be briefed on the business climate and opportunities within key EU markets and sectors and will have the opportunity to interact and make connections with European trade representatives. Highlights of the event include:


  • Examination of EU market access, focusing on the robust economies Poland, Moldova, France, and Ireland
  • Discussion of connecting Texas with Central and Eastern European markets, including the growing tech hubs in Krakow and Moldova.
  • Conversations on how investment and market priorities continue to evolve following COVID-19, and the most impactful aspects of how business climates are changing for regulated scientific companies expanding across the pond.


The Texas EU-Business Summit Preview takes place November 9, 2021. Attendees may choose to participate virtually or in-person. To learn more about our COVID-19 mitigation strategies and/or to register for the event, please visit the summit website: https://conferences.la.utexas.edu/texaseusummit/.


Thom Barnhardt

Founder, CEE Business Media


Zuzanna Kobrzynski

Head of the Polish Investment and

Trade Agency office, Houston


Gábor Markocsány

Consul, Vice-Consulate of Hungary,


Trends in Market Access: Central Eastern Europe

Regional panels on EU market access have consistently been one of the summit’s most popular offerings. The Summit “preview” saw panels on Italy, Luxembourg, Ireland, Hungary, and other European countries. The morning sessions of the November summit will focus on Central Eastern Europe. She will be joined by Thom Barnhardt, founder of CEE Business Media, which focuses on connecting Central Eastern European companies with global partners and investors, and speakers in Texas and across the Atlantic will guide attendees through discussions of tech market access to central Eastern Europe. Zuzanna Kobrzynski, Head of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency’s Foreign Trade Office in Houston, and Gábor Markocsány, Head of Representation and Consul at the Vice-Consulate of Hungary in Houston, will return to the Summit to lend their expertise to the discussions to audiences in Texas and abroad.


The economies of countries in Central Eastern Europe are among the fastest growing in Europe, combining lower costs of doing business with a well-educated workforce. There are differences as well, highlighted by the panelists. Speakers will address market forces and opportunities in Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, and Hungary.

Texas-EU Summit Returns after 2020 Hiatus

Canceled out of an abundance of caution in 2020, the Texas-EU Business Summit is back in 2021 with a flexible format responsive to uncertainties about the pandemic’s trajectory. When the pandemic took effect in March 2020, organizers felt there simply wasn’t enough time to move the event online while ensuring participants enjoyed the high-quality experience they have come to expect.


In May 2021, the Texas-EU Business Summit returned for a “virtual summit preview”. Attendees from Texas, the US, and beyond attended panels focused on market trends in Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Hungary and Pomerania region; how tech companies on both sides of the Atlantic can benefit from incorporating aspects of digital humanism in their product design; and how healthcare and “cleantech” can foster sustainable growth and new transatlantic opportunities in science innovation. A recording of the May 2021 virtual summit preview can be viewed on YouTube.


With the widespread availability of vaccinations and trends in COVID-infection rates in central Texas declining, the Texas-EU Business Summit organizing committee chose to hold the summit in a blended in-person/virtual format on November 9, 2021. Individuals who plan to attend the Summit in-person are encouraged to obtain a COVID-19 vaccination and abide by public health measure to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Please click here for information about the Summit’s voluntary COVID-19 mitigation practices for the November 9, 2021 event.ent set tentatively for September 21, 2021. 

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A few attendees of the May 2021 Virtual Summit's session on healthcare and cleantech 

Mosser _ Simunovic.jpeg

UT Austin Center for European Studies Assistant Director Dr. Michael Mosser (L) interviews H.E. Pjer Šimunović (R), Ambassador of Croatia to the United States of America at the 9th annual Texas EU Business Summit; May 16, 2019.

2019 TXEUBS.jpeg

Summit attendees listen to business leaders from France at the 9th annual Texas EU Business Summit; May 16, 2019.

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