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Texas Education Policy Alert

Action Alert: Say No to Vouchers Video Campaign

Thanks to your advocacy, the House Public Education Committee did not vote out SB 8. Your calls to raise concerns on this bill matter.

Monday morning, May 15, the House Public Education Committee will hear SB 8, the harmful school voucher bill that takes public dollars away from public schools. 

Since the committee will only be hearing invited testimony, there will be no official public testimony.  

We have created a video campaign for concerned citizens to submit videos of yourself telling the committee why they should vote no on vouchers. This will not count as official testimony, but we will share the videos on social media and continue to tag legislators so they can hear our voices.  

 SB 8 would take money away from public schools.

 SB 8 would require parents enrolling their student in the private voucher program to waive their federal and state education protections, including for special education.

 SB 8 does nothing to help the teacher workforce, close achievement gaps or address the needs of any public school students.

 SB 8 takes away parent and community access to school decisions.

Share Your Testimony - SB 8 (English)
Share Your Testimony - SB 8 (Spanish)

House Public Education Committee Contact Information

Continue to call the members below!

We especially recommend calling the members in red.

Chairman Rep. Brad Buckley - (512) 463-0684

Vice Chair Rep. Alma Allen - (512) 463-0744

Rep. James Talarico - (512) 463-0821

Rep. Steve Allison - (512) 463-0686

Rep. Charles Cunningham - (512) 463-0520

Rep. Harold Dutton - (512) 463-0510

Rep. Cody Harris - (512) 463-0730

Rep. Brian Harrison - (512) 463-0516

Rep. Cole Hefner - (512) 463-0271

Rep. Gina Hinojosa - (512) 463-0668

Rep. Ken King - (512) 463-0736

Rep. Oscar Longoria - (512) 463-0645

Rep. Matt Schafer - (512) 463-0584

Drop a Card or Submit Public Comment!

Submit written comments on the House comments link before Monday!

If you live in the Austin area, come to the Capitol on Monday, May 15 by 8 am to register against SB 8!

Resources You Can Use!

IDRA School Funding Toolkit that includes talking points and social messages.

Previous Testimony & Letters Against Voucher Bills

Education Savings Accounts Are Inefficient, Ineffective and Unaccountable to Texas Students – IDRA Testimony against SB 8, submitted by Chloe Latham Sikes, Ph.D., to the Texas Senate Education Committee, March 22, 2023 – See video

Joint letter in support of the Texas House budget amendment to prohibit state funding for vouchers, April 5, 2023

SB 8 Poses a Threat to Students’ Civil Rights with Devastating, Discriminatory Impacts on Vulnerable Students – TLEEC Testimony Against SB 8, submitted by Diana Long to the Texas Senate Education Committee, March 22, 2023

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