Texas FCCLA: September Advisor Update
Here's what's going on this month with Texas FCCLA! Find the full calendar here:  https://www.texasfccla.org/calendar?view=calendar&mont h=August-2018
New Advisor Workshop
We know that being a new(er) advisor can be overwhelming! We hope that you can join us on September 14th in Austin to attend our New Advisor Workshop. Please register no later than tomorrow, September 7th, as this event is first come first serve and only has about seven spots remaining.

In order to help you launch your chapter, we have compiled the "Getting Started with Texas FCCLA" resource. Please check it out, and let us know if there is anything we can assist you with.
Peer Education
The Peer Education conference will be held in Denton, Texas. Registration is $20 per person and now open, first come first serve . Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity!
Many advisors use the State Fair as a recruitment tool in their chapters! FCCLA students are encouraged to attend Ag Awareness Day on Tuesday, October 9, 2018! Our State FCCLA Officers will be recognized alongside the State 4H and FFA Officers during this event.

• Pre-registration is NOT needed
• Arrive between 7:00 am – 10:00 am – be early!
• Check in at the Ag Awareness Day Hospitality Tent inside Gate 15
• Receive fair admissions for your students
• Receive Ag Awareness Day Passports for your students
• Drop off collected foods for donation to the North Texas Food Bank

• 10:00 am – 11:30 am – Scavenger Hunt Competition on the fairgrounds
• 11:30 am – Food Drive and Scavenger Hunt Prizes Awarded, Chevy Main Stage
• 11:45 am – 12:30 pm – Celebrate with Dale Brisby on the Chevy Main Stage

Tickets are free- just need to bring canned food! For more information, please see here: https://bigtex.com/supporting-texans/agriculture/ag-awareness-day/

For information about how the State Fair meets educational guidelines and TEKS, please see here, https://bigtex.com/supporting-texans/education/
Fall Leadership Workshops
Fall Leadership Workshops are a great opportunity for your FCCLA Chapter members to connect with other area FCCLA chapters. We currently have over 30 Fall Leadership Meetings scheduled across the state. Please check out the link below to find a workshop that is in your area. Many advisors use attending the Fall Leadership Workshop as an incentive to have their members join early!
Affiliation and Membership
Texas FCCLA has a membership increase during the last school year, and we hope to have the same again this year! The Membership Committee planned a goal of 25,000 members for this year. Membership recruitment week is September 10-14! Please click the link below to view the Recruitment Week flyer and social media campaign.

A bulk middle school affiliation level has been created! Middle school teachers can affiliate EVERY student in all of their classes (even those that switch at semester) for $450 per chapter. This will give all students that opportunity to be part of a National Career and Technical Student Organization, and hopefully carry their membership over to the high school level. To take part in this opportunity, please select 100% Middle Level Affiliation when affiliating.
Competitive Events Update
Texas FCCLA will continue using the National FCCLA Competitive Event rules and rubrics. We will email out when National FCCLA has posted the materials for this upcoming year. In the mean time, you can find an overview of the different competition on our website to introduce to your students.

The Competitive Events Committee will meet on September 24th to vote on any final changes for the upcoming year. A complete list of changes and updates will be sent to you by October 1st.

You can find updates that were voted upon this summer in the FCSTAT- FCCLA Update presentation.

McAllen Public Library Volunteer Opportunity
JoAnn Balderrama of the McAllen Public Library has contacted us to see if we might have recommendations for volunteer presenters—and we thought we’d pass along to you, our talented advisors!

JoAnn says:
We are planning to offer a series of programs geared towards teens (ages 11-18, 6th through 12th grades). The program is titled, "Adulting for Teens". We will offer the first program in October.
We hope to have presenters that can cover subjects such as managing a personal budget, cooking & nutrition, resume writing, interview skills, professional etiquette, and setting personal goals. We are currently looking for volunteers to present any of these of subjects who are willing to conduct an hour-long informative & interactive program.

If you are in the area and would be interested in presenting, you can contact JoAnn at  jbalderrama@mcallen.net . Please feel free to forward this to friends and colleagues who might not be part of AAFCS!
Texas FCCLA Sponsored Fundraiser
Texas FCCLA will continue working alongside It's Your Spice Fundraising. Please check out their catalog and website for a huge selection of fundraising products. Many of our advisors have been using them as their chapter fundraiser, and have had much success! They are also offering online fundraisers in addition to catalog sales. Please see below.

In addition to helping your school fundraiser, It's Your Spice also offers a $1,000 scholarship to an FCCLA member!

Alumni and Associates
Our Alumni and Associate Council is working to build a database of former Texas FCCLA members who want to stay involved in the association. We will also be using this database to help find Nominating Committee members and Competitive Event Evaluators. Please help us spread the word by reaching out to your Alumni, or tagging them on Facebook, to complete the quick online membership application!
Nissan ThinkFast Opportunity
Texas DOT, and FCCLA in partnership with Nissan North America, is sponsoring free ThinkFast Interactive programs for schools located in the Dallas Area. These programs utilize experiential learning in teaching teen driver safety to prevent teen crashes, injuries and fatalities. 
The ThinkFast Interactive program is an hour-long, comprehensive session addressing all matters related to Texas teen drivers, including traffic rules, regulations and penalties; Texas Minor in Possession laws; distracted driving; and more. Program instructors use multi-digit, wireless remotes to teach large bodies of students. The program employs active and experiential learning that provides students with memory hooks to promote retention and retrieval. Learn more about ThinkFast Interactive at  www.thinkfastinteractive.com

Please review the available dates below and contact Texas DOT and FCCLA Liaison Tim John at  (877-295-5559 ) or Tim@ThinkFastInteractive.com 
Tim will go over program logistics, and organize a date that accommodates your schedule. No school assistance is required for any component of the this production. Please call soon for this life saving experiential program. 

NISSAN / FCCLA ThinkFast Interactive 
February (20) (21) (22) (25) (26) 
March (1) (5) (6) (8)