Texas FCCLA Advisor: December Update
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(full deadline calendar can be found here )
December 10- Late Competitive Event entries must be postmarked
December 15- Submission deadline for Region News Across Texas award
December 31- Region V Early Registration Deadline
January 7- Region III Early Registration Deadline
January 14- Region IV Early Registration Deadline
January 18- Late registration for Spotlight on Projects deadline
January 21- Region II Early Registration Deadline
January 23 at noon- Region V Drop and Substitution Deadline
January 30 at noon- Region III Drop and Substitution Deadline
Lead Consultant Sign Up
We are still in need of your help!!!!

Region I- Need 15 advisors
Region II- Need 10 advisors
Region III- Need 5 advisors
Region IV- Need 32 advisors
Region V- Need 37 advisors

Our competitive events would not be possible without the help of current and former FCCLA Advisors serving as Lead Consultants at our meetings! We encourage all advisors to sign up to assist. This is a great opportunity to see how different events are ran, while also giving back to Texas FCCLA!

Over the years, we have less and less advisors signing up to serve. Without Lead Consultants, our events would not be possible!

Common questions...
Q:  "Where will my students go?"
A: You can sign them up to serve as room consultants when not competing!

Q:  "How will my students be able to contact me?"
A: You can have your cell phone in the event to correspond with your students, and they can also check-in with you outside of the competition room in between presentations.

Q:  "I've never done it before and won't know what to do. What if I mess up?"
A: That's okay! We will train you and be available to help with any questions you might have.

Q:  "I'm not sure my students can survive without me walking them to their room."
A: Yes, they will! You have prepared incredible students for this conference, and what better way for them to showcase their leader abilities by taking action! Many advisors continue to do this every year, and it has become the norm for their students.

Q:  "Why would I spend a day serving as a lead consultant?"
A: You can check out a new event to see how it is ran, gain ideas for your chapter, and earn official CEU credit hours! But best of all, you're helping ensure that all of our students have an opportunity to present their projects and make sure that fair judging and great feedback is being provided.

Please sign up at the link below! If you know of an FCS teacher (present or retired) that would be interested in serving, please send them this link. https://signup.com/Group/893993460025/
Know a potential evaluator?
Our competitive events depend on others volunteering as evaluators to provide a fair and positive experience for our members! If you are bringing other adults to the conference, or know of potential volunteers in the area, please let our Evaluator Coordinators know their name and contact information.

Region I and II - Ellen Knox, ellenknox@sbcglobal.net 
Region III - Amy Albro, aalbro@sbcglobal.net
Region IV and V - Barbara Richter, barb.a.richter@gmail.com
Conference & Competitive Event Registration
Conference registration for the Region Leadership Conferences is open. Only chapters and students that have been affiliated in the National Affiliation System will be eligible to be registered.

In the conference registration system, you will also be able to register for competitive events, FCSAs and Spotlight on Projects. Please note, you cannot register students for these events until they are affiliated.

Spotlight on Projects

Have your students done an outstanding project? Enter their project in the "Spotlight on Projects" display competition! Entries (of up to 3 students) can create their display and set it up as part of the competition at the Region Leadership Conference!

The top 3 projects in each category will advance to the State Leadership Conference.  The top overall project at state will receive a check back to their chapter!

For more information, see  Spotlight on Projects  on the Texas FCCLA website.

Family & Consumer Sciences Assessments are subject orientated objective tests offered to FCCLA members at the Regional Leadership Conferences and at the State Leadership Conference.

There are 13 different tests that cover a variety of FCS courses, FCCLA information, etiquette, and parliamentary procedure!

Students will receive either gold, silver, or bronze medal or a particpant certificate, based on their score.

For more information and the updated study guides, see FCSAs   on the Texas FCCLA website.
Competitive Events
The Competitive Event schedules will be posted to the website by early January. Once the schedules are posted, we cannot change competition times. The only reason times change is if there are drops. In the event of a drop, the entry last on the schedule for that day will be moved into the place of the dropped entry. Please let us know as soon as possible if you have any drops, so that we can adjust our time schedule. Also, pay attention to the substitution deadlines to make sure any changes are made before the deadline. Changes made after the deadline will result in a late fee.

Texas FCCLA uses the National FCCLA Guidelines for all events with the exception of Culinary Arts and our State Proficiency Events. The National FCCLA Guidebook is available in the National Membership Portal under resources. The Texas FCCLA Guidebook and Management Manual are available on the state webpage.

The National Association has a resource section for supplemental documents, including the Interior Design scenario. Please note that we do NOT use the National Culinary Arts menus (we use the ones in the Texas FCCLA Guidebook).
State Leadership Conference 2019
The registration and information for the 2019 State Leadership Conference will be sent out in early January. While beginning to make plans, please take a look at the State Conference webpage to make sure you see all of the opportunities for involvement that await! This includes encouraging your students to sign up for the Annual Texas FCCLA Talent Show!

Also, please note our new volunteer policy below that will be in effect this year to help us gain the volunteers needed to make the State Leadership Conference a success!
Help us Strive for 25,000!
Texas FCCLA currently has 24,239 affiliated members!

If you have others that have not yet affiliated- it's not too late, as affiliation is accepted all year. Please continue to recruit and affiliate new members and help us meet our goal of having 25,000 members!
Texas FCCLA will be making all of our scholarship applications for current seniors available by November 15th. Please encourage your seniors to complete and submit them by March 1st!

In addition to Texas FCCLA's Scholarship opportunities, Texas Farm Bureau has also asked that we share these opportunities with you! View TFB Scholarship Opportunities Here
Planning a school or family trip?   Remind all of your members that anyone can use the FCCLA code and get a reduced price at  LaQuinta Hotels. Reservations can be made through the FCCLA Website or by using the code TFCCLA when making reservations on the LaQuinta website or in a hotel. Encourage all organizations and groups (band, drill team, dance groups, other organizations) to use the code to help them out with the costs of their travel and to help FCCLA at the same time.
Texas FCCLA will continue working alongside It's Your Spice Fundraising. Please check out their catalog and website for a huge selection of fundraising products. Many of our advisors have been using them as their chapter fundraiser, and have had much success! They are also offering online fundraisers in addition to catalog sales. Please see below.

In addition to helping your school fundraiser, It's Your Spice also offers a $1,000 scholarship to an FCCLA member!