Texas FCCLA Advisor: May Update
Please read this update to learn about our updates. If viewing in Google, please make sure to click "view entire message" to see the entire newsletter.
End of Year Feedback
We appreciate the feedback that was given to us on the State Conference and Lead Consultant Surveys. At the beginning of next month, we will travel to Navasota for our June Officer Training with the 2018-2019 Officers to plan the upcoming year.

If you have any general feedback that wasn't included in either of those surveys, please fill free to complete this survey, HERE . We will take suggestions and ideas to the officers, as well as see if there are things that we can do in the office to continue supporting advisors.
Texas FCCLA Advisor Google Drive
So many advisors have developed wonderful documents and presentations about Texas FCCLA throughout their years, and we want you to be able to share them!

With many new teachers joining the Texas FCCLA family, having a location where they can browse other advisors' information will give them a good foundation to launch their own chapters. We also know that many of you love to see ideas that other chapters are implementing, and what might also benefit your school!

Please take some time to go on our new GoogleDrive and upload your FCCLA files to be shared with other Texas FCCLA Advisors. We would like you to upload them as "View Only" so that someone cannot accidentally edit the original file.

Utilizing​ ​this​ ​Resource​ ​Folder
The following resources are a collaborative effort from current advisors sharing their tips and experiences and should not be edited or changed in any way. If​ ​you​ ​have​ ​questions​ ​or​ ​concerns​ ​about​ ​an​ ​item​ ​posted,​ ​please​ ​contact​ ​the​ ​person​ ​whose name​ ​is​ ​on​ ​the​ ​file.​

Do​ ​not​ ​edit​ ​or​ ​delete​ ​anything​ ​that​ ​has​ ​been​ ​posted. If you want to use a file, DOWNLOAD it to your computer and then save it as your own to edit.

Contribute​ ​to​ ​the​ ​Drive
There are two ways to contribute to the Advisor Resource Drive.

1) Email​ ​your​ ​file​ ​to​ ​fileupload@texasfccla.org Save the title of the file you would like to upload in the following format:
For example: ParliPro_AustinHighSchool_Smith.Maggie
These files will take 2-4 weeks to be posted to the drive.

2) For​ ​an​ ​instant​ ​upload,​ ​log​ ​into​ ​your​ ​Google​ ​account​ ​and​ ​use​ ​the​ ​upload instructions​ ​below. First, save your file using the format below for the title:
For example: ParliPro_AustinHighSchool_Smith.Maggie
Then, simply double click on the folder to which you are adding information.

The directions for using the resource folder can be found here: DIRECTIONS

Access the GoogleDrive (and bookmark it) here:
We are looking forward to our trip to Atlanta this summer! For those attending, please make sure you have submitted your registration online in the National FCCLA Portal.

In addition, if you are traveling with the Texas package, please make sure that you have completed all forms for Holidays N Travel, as well as submitted your Emergency Contact Forms to jsams@texasfccla.org.

Also, please note that the National FCCLA Dress Code is different than our Texas Dress Code. ALL students attending will be required to wear the FCCLA Official Red Blazer. Also, khaki pants are not allowed. You can find the complete NLC Dress Code HERE .

Texas FCCLA will NOT be requiring attendees to wear blazers to the Texas regional or state conferences.

FCCLA Red Blazers
Texas FCCLA will be offsetting the cost of blazers for National Leadership Conference by $20 per student attendee. The ordering will be through the Men's Wearhouse vendor. Blazers will not be ordered until payment is received. If you are needing to order blazers, but are not attending in the Texas Package, please complete the form and email me the number of blazers to invoice you for. Blazer Order Form for NLC Attendees

If you are wanting to order blazers, but are NOT attending NLC, then you will need to order the blazers directly through the distributors.
Summer Summits
Attending a Summer Summit is a great way to plan for your upcoming year! Bring your local officers and come to this one-day training that has separate sessions for both students AND advisors!
At our New Advisor workshop on Monday, we became aware that many are not aware of our professional association, FCSTAT (Family and Consumer Sciences Teachers Association of Texas).

The Annual FCSTAT Summer Conference will be held in Dallas from July 30-August 3rd. There will be many workshops and sessions offered regarding curriculum, integration, and teaching strategies, including the following FCCLA workshops:

  • FCCLA Mini Academy: The session will be geared on how to introduce FCCLA to your students, how to get them involved, and ideas for the school year.

  • FCCLA Update: Come hear about the changes for FCCLA for the 2018-2019 school year that were voted upon by the officers at their summer training. This will include the programs and service learning opportunities Texas FCCLA is focusing on for the year, as well as awards, conference information, and competitive event changes

  • Introduction to Competitive Events: Discover what Competitive Events FCCLA has to offer! Attendees will discuss the various events offered, number of teams allotted, how to choose which project to do, general competition rules and how to register for the Regional Competition! (Part 1 of the FCCLA Competitive Event Series)

  • Integration and Beginning Competitive Events: Learn how to integrate competitive events as part of your curriculum! Attendees will learn about the Planning Process required by all events, and how to follow event guidelines. Presenters will showcase the various types of presentations- display and portfolios (Part 2 of the FCCLA Competitive Event Series).

  • Competitive Events: What Lead Consultants and Evaluators are Looking For: What should you and your students expect to know when you arrive at Region and State Conference? This workshop will highlight the information you need to know regarding check-in, competitions, and how to make sure your students are following the rubrics for maximum success! This is also a great training for teachers that would like to volunteer as Lead Consultants at the FCCLA Regional and State Conferences. (Part 3 of the FCCLA Competitive Event Series)

  • What's it take to be an FCCLA Officer?: Running a student for Regional Office is a once in a lifetime they won't forget! This workshop will discuss the benefits of student leadership for both the officer AND the advisor. Topics will include what is expected, the various roles, and the procedure of running. A Q&A session with an advisor and current officer will follow.

  • Lifesmarts- (tentative)

The division of College, Career, and Military Preparation (CCMP) is seeking recommendations from districts, employers, industry associations, and workforce boards on industry certifications they would like to see added the TEA accountability list.

To access the survey, click on this link:

These certifications would be considered for the 2019-20 list of industry certifications for accountability. This voluntary survey is an opportunity for you to request additional certifications as we continue the review of industry-based credentials against a prescribed set of criteria for inclusion in accountability.

A separate survey must be used for each individual certification requested (e.g., Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Word and Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Excel). If correct titles are not used, we will be unable to consider the requested certification.

The survey will close on May 18, 2018. If you have questions about this survey or the certifications, please contact Karen.Grad@tea.texas.gov.
2019 Conference Dates
January 31-Feb 2        Region V Leadership Conference                  Corpus Christi

February 7-9                Region III Leadership Conference                  Waco

February 14-16            Region IV Leadership Conference                 Galveston

February 21-23            Region II Leadership Conference                   Waco

February 28- March 2 Region I Leadership Conference                     Odessa

April 4-6                      State Leadership Conference                         Dallas

June 9-14                    Officer Leadership Camp                               Navasota

June 30-July 4             National Leadership Meeting                      Anaheim CA