Texas FCCLA: September Advisor Update
Please read this update to learn about our updates.
Texas FCCLA will no longer be using the Lock Box that has been used in previous years for payment. Please make sure you updated the Texas FCCLA mailing address with your Business Office to reflect our office address, 1107 W. 45th St., Austin, TX 78756. You can access the new W-9 HERE .
Affiliation and Membership
Texas FCCLA has a membership increase during the last school year, and we hope to have the same again this year! The Membership Committee planned a goal of 25,000 members for this year. Please work on promoting the organization and affiliating members before the November 1 affiliation deadline.  Members can be affiliated after the deadline, however, competitive event entries will be based off of membership at that time.
Fall Leadership Workshops
Fall Leadership Workshops are a great opportunity for your FCCLA Chapter members to connect with other area FCCLA chapters. We currently have over 30 Fall Leadership Meetings scheduled across the state. Please check out the link below to find a workshop that is in your area. Many advisors use attending the Fall Leadership Workshop as an incentive to have their members join early!
Peer Education
We have moved the date of Peer Education back this year, in order to accommodate many school requirements for securing travel. The Peer Education conference will be held in Irving, Texas. Registration is $15 per person and now open, first come first serve and is limited to the first 300 registrants! Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity!
Donate to the Hurricane Relief Fund!
The Texas FCCLA Board of Directors has agreed to match the donations made to the National FCCLA Hurricane Relief Fund for up to $10,000! We encourage chapters to help raise funds to be donated before December 31st.

All money received to the National FCCLA Impact Fund will be available for chapters in devastated areas that are seeking funds to assist with chapter costs.

For more information, click https://www.flipcause.com/secure/cause_pdetails/MjEzNDM=
FCCLA Career Days
Dates have been set for the 2017-2018 Career Days! Flyers will be sent out as they become available.

San Antonio Spurs Career Day- December 6th
Houston Rockets Career Day- December 11th
Dallas Mavericks Career Day- March 22nd
New Advisor Resource
We know that being a new(er) advisor can be overwhelming! In order to help you launch your chapter, we have compiled the "Getting Started with Texas FCCLA" resource. Please check it out, and let us know if there is anything we can assist you with.
Competitive Events Task Force Update
Texas FCCLA will continue using the National FCCLA Competitive Event rules and rubrics. This information has been updated on the National FCCLA website and in the portal. The Texas FCCLA Competitive Event Task Force met on Monday, and we will have the updated Texas Management Manual and Competitive Event Guide up by next week.

The Competitive Events Committee voted to change the way sign-ups are handled for lead consultants. We will be sending out a link next week where advisors can go online and sign up to serve as a lead consultant at the various region meetings, as well as state. In addition, we will also be offering an on-line lead consultant orientation.
Alumni and Associates
Our Alumni and Associate Council is working to build a database of former Texas FCCLA members who want to stay involved in the association. We will also be using this database to help find Nominating Committee members and Competitive Event Evaluators. Please help us spread the word by reaching out to your Alumni, or tagging them on Facebook, to complete the quick online membership application listed below! Our current Alumni count is 32.
Another way your students can compete is through the online program Lifesmarts. Register at www.lifesmarts.org and have your students learn about consumer rights and responsibilities, environment, technology, health and safety and financial education. Maybe you will be lucky to have a team advance to state competition in March and get to represent Texas at national competition in April. We want you to give your students every opportunity you can.  This is a great program that ties so many of the TEKS for FCS!
Planning a school or family trip?   Remind all of your members that anyone can use the FCCLA code and get a reduced price at  LaQuinta Hotels. Reservations can be made through the FCCLA Website or by using the code TFCCLA when making reservations on the LaQuinta website or in a hotel. Encourage all organizations and groups (band, drill team, dance groups, other organizations) to use the code to help them out with the costs of their travel and to help FCCLA at the same time.