November "Thankful for FCCLA" Challenge
During the month of November, we are asking Texas FCCLA members to each donate $0.75 at their chapter meetings. The funds collected can be sent to Texas FCCLA as a check, or via PayPal. All funds will go to our 75th Anniversary account, which will provide extra festivities during the 2019-20 school year and 75 scholarships at the 2020 State Meeting!

Chapters participating will be recognized at the 2019 conferences. If each member donates at least $0.75 we can raise over $18,000!
Membership Affiliation
FCCLA accepts affiliation through May and can be added to your online roster at any time.

For those wanting to compete in competitive events OR run for a regional FCCLA office, the chapter affiliation deadline is November 1st. The number of competitive event entries your chapter will be allotted is based off of the number of SUBMITTED members in the National Affiliation system on November 1st. (# of teams allotted)

If these members haven't been paid for yet, they will say "PENDING" . Your chapter affiliation payment must be received by the National FCCLA Office in Virginia (address printed on the affiliation invoice) by November 15th for your members to be AFFILIATED and eligible. Payment can also be made online. FCCLA does NOT accept purchase orders as payment, and the students will remain as pending until payment is received.
I would give yourself a November 1st deadline for both to ensure that your students are affiliated .

If students join after November 15th, they can still be affiliated and are are still eligible to compete in competitive events, but your chapter size will not increase. The number of allotted competitive event entries will remain based off of your November 1st submitted chapter size.

Conference Hotel Reservations
Hotel reservations open today! For conference hotel information, see

Please be mindful that if you have booked extra rooms, to drop them prior to the booking deadline so that other chapters have the opportunity to pick them up at the same rate. Hotel rooms cancelled after the reservation cut-off period will not be offered to others at the group rate.
Honorary Membership is the highest honor we give to those who go above and beyond for FCCLA! This could be a parent, teacher, volunteer, staff person, or administrator. Each region will honor 5 honorary members, and they will also be recognized at state. Please enter your nominations by November 15th to be considered!

Run for Office

Do you have outstanding chapter members that have great leadership skills? Consider having them run for a Region Officer position!

The "Run for Office" page has now been updated, and includes a mock House of Delegates video.

Deadline for officer applications is December 3rd.

STAR and Proficiency Competitive Events

Competitive Events Update

The Texas Competitive Event Update was recently emailed out!

Please review the update for changes to the Texas Competitive Event Guidelines, and review the rules and guidelines that have been changed. There is also our new proficiency event, Toys That Teach!

We strongly encourage ALL advisors, seasoned and brand new, to print pages 1-40 of the Texas Competitive Event Guide and read them all this year as a refresher.

Other Competitive Opportunities
Spotlight on Projects

Have your students done an outstanding project? Enter their project in the "Spotlight on Projects" display competition! Entries (of up to 3 students) can create their display and set it up as part of the competition at the Region Leadership Conference!

The top 3 projects in each category will advance to the State Leadership Conference. The top overall project at state will receive a check back to their chapter!

For more information, see Spotlight on Projects on the Texas FCCLA website.


Family & Consumer Sciences Assessments are subject orientated objective tests offered to FCCLA members at the Regional Leadership Conferences and at the State Leadership Conference.

There are 13 different tests that cover a variety of FCS courses, FCCLA information, etiquette, and parliamentary procedure!

Students will receive either gold, silver, or bronze medal or a particpant certificate, based on their score.

For more information and the updated study guides, see FCSAs on the Texas FCCLA website.
Conference & Competitive Event Registration
Conference registration for the Region Leadership Conferences is open. Only chapters and students that have been affiliated in the National Affiliation System will be eligible to be registered.

In the conference registration system, you will also be able to register for competitive events, FCSAs and Spotlight on Projects. Please note, you cannot register students for these events until they are affiliated.

Lead Consultants
We have updated our Lead Consultant sign-up to be online.  Please  volunteer to sign up at your region, or at another region meeting!.

Over the years, we have less and less advisors signing up to serve. Without Lead Consultants, our events would not be possible!

Common questions...
Q:  "Where will my students go?"
A: You can sign them up to serve as room consultants when not competing!

Q:  "How will my students be able to contact me?"
A: You can have your cell phone in the event to correspond with your students, and they can also check-in with you outside of the competition room in between presentations.

Q:  "I've never done it before and won't know what to do. What if I mess up?"
A: That's okay! We will train you and be available to help with any questions you might have.

Q:  "I'm not sure my students can survive without me walking them to their room."
A: Yes, they will! You have prepared incredible students for this conference, and what better way for them to showcase their leader abilities by taking action! Many advisors continue to do this every year, and it has become the norm for their students.

Q:  "Why would I spend a day serving as a lead consultant?"
A: You can check out a new event to see how it is ran, gain ideas for your chapter, and earn official CEU credit hours! But best of all, you're helping ensure that all of our students have an opportunity to present their projects and make sure that fair judging and great feedback is being provided.

Please sign up at the link below! If you know of an FCS teacher (present or retired) that would be interested in serving, please send them this link.

Health Ambassador Applications are Open!
About HART
The Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) is excited to announce the launch of the Health Ambassadors for a Ready Texas (HART) Initiative. TDA created HART to provide high school students with a special opportunity to use their leadership skills while championing healthy eating and wellness at school and in their communities. Please help us increase awareness of this opportunity.
TDA will select Health Ambassadors based on the HART application available through the link below. Health Ambassadors who successfully complete their term will receive TDA recognition and an official TDA certificate of appreciation. The application period is open now and will close on November 30, 2018. Health Ambassadors will serve from January 2019 to June 2020.
Who is eligible?
A Health Ambassador shall be a student enrolled in grades 9, 10 or 11 in a Texas school participating in the National School Lunch Program.  There is no cost for membership.

Have you ever tried LifeSmarts? Great consumer education material that you can use integrated into your curriculum! They have just launched their new website with lots of great information on how to get involved.

Teams can register as an FCCLA team which advances to National Cluster Meeting and the National Leadership Conference.

They can ALSO register as a Varsity team which advances to the State LifeSmarts Competition in Austin and has the chance to advance to Nationals!
Teams can register under both categories, and their participants scores will automatically populate under both.

1. Returning coaches and students may login to get started.
2. New participants will register on their first visit, then login on all subsequent visits.
3. Coaches will create new teams; teams are deleted every summer.
4. The September TeamSmarts quiz on health and safety is open now through October 31.
5. The October TeamSmarts quiz on personal finance will be open the entire month of October, also closing October 31.
6. Coaches will receive an email blast today (Thursday) telling them the site is live. Our social media platforms will be very active, and the program launch press release will go out as well.
7. The first coach webinar will be Tuesday, October 9. We will send coaches a separate e-blast just about that. Jump on the webinar to learn even more!

To watch the new LifeSmarts video, click HERE .
NBA Career Days with FCCLA
San Antonio Spurs

Dates: December 11, 13, or 17, 2018

For more information:
Houston Rockets

Date: January 9, 2019.

Dallas Mavericks

Date: February 27, 2019

For more information:
Texas FCCLA Sponsored Fundraiser
Texas FCCLA will continue working alongside It's Your Spice Fundraising. Please check out their catalog and website for a huge selection of fundraising products. Many of our advisors have been using them as their chapter fundraiser, and have had much success! They are also offering online fundraisers in addition to catalog sales. Please see below.

In addition to helping your school fundraiser, It's Your Spice also offers a $1,000 scholarship to an FCCLA member!

Don't let the December 3rd deadline sneak up on you!!!!