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Texas Ranks 5th in High School Graduation Rates!
Texas public schools are doing better than 90% of the states in the nation in graduation rates! Texas graduation rates rank 5 th , well above the national average.  In fact, when you break down the graduation rate by sub-populations, Texas is in the top four in several categories: 2nd among Asian students, 2nd among Black students, 2nd among White students, 2nd among Economically Disadvantaged students; and 4th among Hispanic students.

How would students abroad perform if held to NAEP's proficiency benchmark?
Statistical analyses dating back decades have asked: How would students abroad perform if held to NAEP's proficiency benchmark?

The answer: The vast majority of students in most countries can't clear that bar. Not a single nation can demonstrate that even 40 percent of its 4th graders are proficient in reading by NAEP's definition. That's why a succession of scholars and organizations, including the National Academy of Sciences, have labeled NAEP's proficiency benchmark "wishful thinking," of "doubtful validity" and producing results that "defy reason" and "refute common sense."

In truth, while critics equate NAEP's proficiency benchmark with grade-level performance, the U.S. Department of Education has long noted that if observers are interested in grade-level performance, NAEP's "basic" standard is the appropriate benchmark. By this metric, the critics' claim of failure is stood on its head. Depending on the grade and subject, up to 82 percent of U.S. students are performing at grade level. While this is not perfect, it is also not a sign of shameful failure.

NAEP's highly debatable proficiency benchmark is employed as a weapon in what Roland Chevalier, former superintendent in St. Martin Parish, La., liked to call the "PiƱata Theory" of school reform: Keep beating the schools until good things fall out of them.

Dear Friends,
The school year is wrapping up, summer is upon us and preparations for the 2019-2020 school year will be full steam ahead. I hope you will consider putting together a plan of action to keep sharing all of the great things happening in public schools throughout the summer.  Find happenings to keep your local schools in the headlines in a positive manner during the summer break. A great way to bolster schools is by going to the website and entering a positive review for your local public schools. 
Great things are happening in our local public schools!  Let's tell the story!

Thank you,

Blake W. Cooper
Executive Director
Friends of Texas Public Schools
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Coming Soon: Ambassadors Express
Bring your school leadership team for a full-day workshop and discover what it means to be an Ambassador and how to create a culture of Ambassadorship across your district. Based on the book, " Hello! My Name Is Public School and I Have an Image Problem, " this program prepares educators to step up as Ambassadors for their students, schools, and profession. Includes lessons on the great things happening in our schools and explores the major factors contributing to the decay of public confidence in our public schools, including brotherhood, communication, politics, and the incessant misinformation pervading public debate.  
SAVE THE DATE: Monday, October 28, 2019, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm 
Google Education, Austin, Texas

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We know that great things are happening every day on the campuses of our neighborhood public schools. Please send your district's stories to us and we will share on our social media.


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