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VC Gary Rieschel:
"China is going to eat our lunch."  
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VC Hans Tung:
"China does make Silicon Valley look sleepy."

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If China Bans Exports of Rare Earth Magnets 
to the U.S., A Texas Tech Startup Has a 
Pawn to Play
The next battle in the US-China trade war could very well center on rare earth minerals that are vital to the production of smartphones, electric car motors, refrigerators, computers and jet engines. 
                                               Co-founders of UMC
China has the bulk of these critical elements globally and could ban exports to the U.S. if frictions worsen. The result would be a major blow to the U.S., which depends mainly on China for producing rare earth magnets.
But don't discount American ingenuity and knowhow. I recently toured a high-tech manufacturer in central Texas, Urban Mining Company, has a pawn to play. It's developed groundbreaking technology to cost effectively recycle rare earth magnets from discarded hard disk drives or motors. It then reprocesses them into high performance magnets that are critical components used for industrial, automotive, clean energy, and military defense.  Read my Forbes  column. 

Trending: China's Social Commerce Startup
If you're interested in e-commerce, pay attention to Pinduoduo --described as a Chinese fusion of Costco and Disneyland
The U.S. has nothing like Chinese social commerce app Pinduoduo. It's most similar to Groupon, but a lot more functional - like many mobile apps that've popped up in China over the past few years. Its business model could spread to the West and even eventually disrupt Amazon, Instagram and Pinterest.
the app has caught on among bargain hunters -especially in China's aspiring middle class-and is fun to use.
Read my article, based on my book
Tech Titans of China, at  Techonomy

China's Herd of Unicorns
At least 200 Chinese startups have valuations of $1 billion or more, and many are preparing to go global. 
This article cites my new book, Tech Titans of China
and content about facial recognition startup SenseTime, the world's most valuable emerging company in the AI realm.   Read   Strategy & Business
India's social commerce startup Meesho raises $125 million led by South Africa's Naspers with Facebook, Sequoia, Shunwei Capital, SAIF and others participating.   
A portfolio company of 1955 Capital, Sustainable BioProducts, that is working on protein alternatives, has gotten a boost as a bevy of executives in food and biotech businesses -- Kraft, Cargill, LanzaTech, and P&G -- join the board. Andrew Chung's firm 1955 Capital led a $33 million funding of the startup in 2018.  

Korean unicorn startup Viva Republic raises $64 million at a $2.2 billion valuation. Investors were Sequoia Capital China, Kleiner Perkins, Altos Ventures, Goodwater Capital, GIC, Sequoia Capital China, and Bessemer Venture Partners with Hong Kong-based Aspex Management in the lead. 
Friction with China isn't going away. The US needs a better strategy. David Ignatius, Washington Post columnist.   
After China created the world's first AI news anchors, Tencent-backed Sogou is unveiling AI novel readers.  They will be based on and look and sound exactly the same as the two popular Chinese authors Yue Guan and Bu Xin Tian Shang Diao Xian Bing. Videos of the AI versions of the authors reading their novels can be played back on Chinese app Zhangyue
See KRAsia clip. 

House Defense bill would allow US tax dollars to fund Chinese buses some argue pose a national security threat. Via @dailycaller

China hawk Marco Rubio tells business there needs to be a more stringent overview process of examining investments of American pension and endowment money into Chinese tech companies. US pension funds can't resist returns from Chinese startups. Bloomberg


Tech Titans of China

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