Winter 2021-2022

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Presidents Letter

Sherry Bogar, CMA (AAMA), CN-BC

Hello TSMA Members and Friends of TSMA. 

I hope this finds you doing well. First let me say as the President of TSMA and your colleague, I have been humbled and am honored to have stood next to many of you as we faced COVID head on and showed the world exactly how resilient we are as medical assistants!!!! Our practicing medical assistants stepped up and took on the task of caring for patients in all areas of healthcare. They filled voids when they needed to and served the front lines in hospitals at ICU's and nursing floors, phone centers, surgery centers as scrub techs, and some even served as It has been an honor serving this amazing society and profession during this pandemic. Our educators were challenged in ways they never imagined they had to figure out how to keep the future medical assistants engaged virtually while maintaining their high standards. This board did not take leading this organization lightly during the pandemic. We worked hard to adapt and adjust our standard practices accordingly. After all that's what medical assistants do. We have been taught by some of the best that as MA's we are flexible, and adaptable to changes in the healthcare world. As one physician told me once we are the "Masters of ALL". 

As my term ends, I want to thank those that I have had the amazing honor to serve with for the last 7 years on the TSMA Board. My team has had some amazing accomplishments, Hurricane Harvey Fund Drive, partnering with Skills USA &an Educator for a sign off at a school in South Padre, being the host society for the 65th Annual AAMA Conference, taking TSMA to the electronic world and electronic payments and won many AAMA Excel Awards for all the hard work. I have had some failures too. One of the biggest was in 2020 closing the remaining TSMA Chapters due to lack of volunteers is something I will never forget. There were hardworking volunteers in each of these chapters that were dedicated but were tired. They had dedicated time and energy to trying to keep these chapters afloat and just couldn't' do it any longer. I knew it was a tough decision, but I needed their leadership on the state level, where we could pool our strengths and balance our weaknesses to keep TSMA going.

Personally, this organization has taught be so much, it has shown me the best in people and

the not-so-good in people; I have gained amazing friends and lost some ones that maybe weren't friends at all; I have encountered magnificent mentors; been shown some tough leadership love, and on occasion experienced some bullying,none of these experiences I would change for anything. All these experiences have caused me to continue to grow and become a better person. My passion for this profession and dedication to the AAMA/TSMA organization have only continued to grow and I thank you for that. I believe the most important lessons I have learned and will continue to learn with each experience is that to be a good leader


Please know that TSMA will forever be in my heart. Y'all took this Cali gal in, gave me a place to land and (almost) made me Texan, sorry still have my CA cell phone number. To honor what you have done for me, I hope to pay it forward like our leaders before me did. I plan to reach for the stars just my inspirations from Texas did before me. Judy Coleman (1964), Mildred Crawford (1969), Jean Mobley (1980), Josephine Estrada (1987-Life Member), Geneva Straughan (1994), Mary Dyer (2006) and Ann Naegele (2012-Life Member) and our newest Texan by way of Utah, Charlene Couch (2015), thank you for clearing the pathway and showing all of us to be better leaders and medical assistants. I will continue to lead the fight to take our profession and the AAMA into the future. I plan to continue for many years to help the AAMA get back to the top of leading the medical assisting profession and become a stronger leader in the healthcare industry.

In the meantime, I will support and encourage all leaders of TSMA from the back of the theater and I am looking forward to a new generation and philosophy of leaders taking us to new frontiers. Thank you to each of you for the most amazing 7 years and till next time....stay safe and never forget #TSMASTRONG, but #TSMAROCKS!

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Breast Cancer Fight Gains Momentum

Shared by Dina Hartlett

An experimental therapy that harnesses the body's tumor-fighting immune cells may be effective for some women with advanced breast cancer, early research suggests.

The findings come from an ongoing trial at the U.S. National Cancer Institute (NCI). It is now testing a new approach to treat women whose breast cancer has spread throughout the body and is not responding to standard therapies.

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Free Your Mind

Shared by Donna Gibbins

Are you still struggling to back into a pre-pandemic routine of consisitancy? Already lapsing on the January get fit/lose weight/be better at something resolutions? You probably know how to do whatever it is you resolve to do; you've done it in the past...maybe you used to be good at it, and even enjoyed it. You know what you need to do, but somehow your brain just keeps getting in the way and your good intentions crumble.

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Business Message Save The Date

TSMA Celebrates 65 Years of Texans Taking Care of Texans

The TSMA 65th Annual Education Conference and General Assembly will be hosted on Friday, April 29-Sunday May 1, 2022, in Houston, Texas at the Doubletree Houston Hobby

Special room rates and registration rates will apply for attendees staying at the hotel. Look for more details to come.

REGISTRATION WILL OPEN ON MARCH 7, 2022. In-Person and limited virtual options will be offered. General Assembly will be conducted in person and virtually. Virtual voting will be done via Google forms, so you must select registration for General Assembly in order to receive an email link. Remember to be eligible to vote in the General Assembly you must have paid your AAMA dues by December 31, 2021

The conference will consist of 8.0 AAMA CEU's, including two special sessions (By-Laws Basics and Texas Scope of Practice update, including IVs) from the Don Balasa, CEO and General Counsel for AAMA and we will welcome

We will welcome Debby Houston, AAMA Past President as our AAMA Rep. She will spend the weekend getting to know our magnificent medical assistants of TSMA and celebrate 65 years of Texans Helping Care for Texans.


You Can be the KEY to TSMA's Future

You are already a leader at work, NOW is YOUR time to share your knowledge and skills to take the medical assisting profession into the future. TSMA has THREE OPEN BOARD, including serving as AAMA Third & Alternate delegate to the AAMA Conference in Myrtle Beach in October 2022. We have several open committee chair positions and members are can apply at any time. All forms are posted on the Website for submission. If you need information please contact Sherry at president@mytsma.org. The deadline for submissions is NOON on April 29, 2022.

BOARD Positions

* Vice President. * Speaker. * Vice Speaker. * Third Delegate. * Alternate


* Awards. * Membership.

* Communications/Publicity * Audit

* Scholarship * 2023 Conference

If you have a BY-LAW Proposal to be voted on at the General Assembly April 29, 2022, you must to submit it to Lisa Connelley at VICEPRESIDENT@MYTSMA.ORG no later than TUESDAY MARCH 15, 2022 11:59PM. Submissions must include the original verbiage, the suggested verbiage, and rationale in order for it to be considered by the By-Laws Committee


Thinking About Making an Employment Change?

Frustrated because of your employer wasn't able to give you a raise over the last two years? Did they help you with bonuses? Maybe even new employees are coming on with sign-on bonuses, but what about you? Are you thinking about changing jobs or moving to contract employment? Before you make the jump read this artilce. Make sure you do your research about whom may become your future employer.


COVID Booster Education

Are you vaccinating individuals and need some tips to help them understand the COVID Booster? David Aronoff, MD, of the Indiana University School of Medicine provides some helpful tips to get the right education out there.


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In case you didn't know....

AAMA Updates



CHECK IT OUT FROM the AAMA Facebook Page

"In the spirit of love, we ask all medical assistants to participate in some self-love during this Valentine's Day week. One way to take time for yourself is to complete the free CEU course Compassion Fatigue and Self-Care for Medical Assistants. You do so much for others; take care of yourself today by learning how to recognize the signs of and how to cope with compassion fatigue." (click on link above)


AAMA Helps Medical Assistants Expand their Knowledge

AAMA has proudly announced two new learning opportunities for medical assistants.

Check out these two new programs/certificates/badges offered by AAMA.

ABC-Practice Management

Three core courses in Practice Management including Leadership, Management, and Employee Engagement; Practice Structure Quality Management and Improvement

Population Health Badge-9 modules - Health coaching, patient navigation and many more to modules to take to earn a digital badge in Population Health. Open to all medical assistants and allied healthcare professionals



AAMA is looking for 2022 MAR Week participants. They are looking for testimonials from medical assistants, providers, and patients to help promote Medical Assistants during Medical Assistant Recognition Week in October.

If you are interested or know someone who is, please share this link with them.


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