Texas TreEmail - November 2017
In the Shade Newsletter
What's up with Texas trees?

The latest issue is out and you can find an update on the 37th annual Texas Tree Conference, Academy, Tree Schools and Trade Show, assessing Hurricane Harvey tree damage (what about the Big Tree on Goose Island?), the 2017 Texas Tree Awards and upcoming events.

Arbor Day
128 Years and Counting - Arbor Day in Texas
Arborists, Arbor Day... hmmm, sounds the same.

The Texas State Arbor Day (first Friday in November) for 2017 was held last week in Grand Prairie. Over 1,000 students heard from local, state and national speakers about the importance of trees. 

As an arborist, what are you doing to promote Arbor Day in your city? Help spread the word to your neighbors and elected officials so they know how great trees are and why they need an arborists care. In the process, you might even help some kids, get some business, find some friends or maybe even make your town a better place to live.

Click here for suggestions on how to host an Arbor Day

Texas Women's Climbing Workshop
Nov. 17-19, 2017
Camp Texlake

Join the Texas Chapter ISA for a new t ree climbing workshop for women, taught by women.

This will be the ISA Texas' first women's tree climbing workshop and it is designed for women who have never climbed trees before with ropes and harnesses but also those who have prior experience and want to improve their ability.

Come learn a new skill or improve your foundation in a safe and positive environment. This two and a half-day event was specifically created for women by women climbers, who have competed in tree climbing championships and are working in the tree care industry.

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Hurricane Harvey TreeCovery 
Help replant Texas trees

Donate today to the TreeCovery fund, where 100 percent of your donation will help provide trees and technical support to Texas communities affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Find out more here

Wildfire Risk Assessment Qualification
Only a few seats left!

You can help us evaluate and improve our new Wildfire Qualification!

The threat wildfire poses to residents of Texas increases everyday as more people move into once natural areas. We know that it is not a question of if a fire will start, but when. As professionals who have daily interaction with the public, and who care about the well-being of our native ecosystems, arborists are in a unique position to spread the message about how simple protecting lives, homes and landscapes can be. When homes and their surrounding property are protected, all of the inherent ecosystem benefits at threat from wildfire can be protected as well.

By taking the Wildfire Risk Assessment Qualification course, you will become more knowledgeable about how to evaluate and mitigate property from the threat wildfire poses. 
This beta session will include 12 hours of instruction and four hours allocated for written and practical examinations. The content will cover five learning domains. A new assessment form to define your role in mitigating wildfire risk for your clients will be provided. Your critique and feedback will be important for development of this qualification. 
Usual price is $250. The special price for this evaluation version of the workshop is $125.

Limited to 12 students and lunch will be provided both days.

Want to be a Tree Hero?
Be a tree pest Sentinel Arborist

Invaders of Texas workshops train volunteers to become citizen scientists to detect and report invasive species. Workshops, which are free, include information on the Sentinel Pest Network, which serves to increase the awareness and early detection of the Emerald Ash Borer, Asian Longhorned Beetle, and other pests of regulatory significance.

Get those pests before they get us - more info here

Green Infrastructure Checklist
Want a great plan?

Green infrastructure planning has become a well-accepted and increasingly adopted best management practice for protecting and promoting the sustainable use of environmental resources; improving economics; reducing construction costs; mitigating environmental hazards; achieving water, air, and biodiversity regulatory compliance; and numerous other benefits related to improving public health. 

ANZI Z133 Safety Standard
Hot off the press!

The ANSI Z133 Standard (Safety Requirements for Arboricultural
Operations) was developed for the arboriculture industry under the procedures of the American National Standards Institute. The 2017 revision provides the most current criteria in the United States for arborists and other workers engaged in arboricultural operations.

Areas addressed include:
* General safety
* Electrical hazard
* Use of vehicles and mobile equipment
* Portable power hand tools
* Hand tools and ladders
* Climbing
* Work procedures

This publication provides an essential guide for federal, state, and municipal authorities in drafting regulations.

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Texas Climbers Compete
North American Tree Climbing Championship

This past October in Salt Lake City, Miguel Pastenes (2nd belayed speed climb, 3rd work climb), Star Hansen (3rd aerial rescue, 4th overall) and Amanda Hancock (3rd ascent event and 5th overall) represented the Texas Chapter in the North American Tree Climbing Championship.

Congratulations to our Texas competitors and many thanks to the ISA Utah Chapter for hosting this great event (the Texas Chapter hosted this last year). You can see the competition highlights in the December issue of Arborist News.

Click here to see all the results

21 Days to a Better Business
Download this ebook

Get your free copy of 21 Days to Be a More Productive Small Business Owner. This 26 page ebook will set you on course to minimizing distractions and maximizing productivity. 

You'll learn:
  • How to find your most productive time of day for certain tasks.
  • Ways to identify and cut unnecessary habits and distractions from your life.
  • How to expedite business procedures by automating parts of your personal life.
  • Why "email pressure" causes stress and decreases your productivity.
  • When it's time to hire a virtual assistant.
  • The best strategies for "batching" work to increase your productivity and performance.
  • And much more!

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Vikings Ax Forests
Can Iceland regrow them?

Iceland, which lost most of its trees more than a thousand years ago, when Viking settlers took their axes to the forests that covered one-quarter of the island nation, is trying to replant to improve and stabilize the country's harsh soils, help agriculture and fight global cooling/global warming/climate change.

Click here to see more about reforestatation in Iceland

Nature-Inspired Leaf Art
Can you improve on Mother Nature?

Utilizing elements of nature, Lorenzo Duran chooses the raw elements of nature to complete his amazingly fragile leaf cuttings. In 2008, he became inspired by watching a caterpillar eating a leaf and began using plants as the medium for his line of carefully crafted pieces.

Believing that the colors, forms and textures of his canvases are works of art in themselves, he selects each leaf carefully, considering its shape before beginning to remove segments to make an image.

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