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SB 1176 and HB 1839 signed into Law by Gov Perry!
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Good day all!


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In case you haven't heard the good news about SB 1176 and HB 1839, this letter is to you! It's time to celebrate!

After several testimonies made by Jenny Buergermeister and witnesses for the TYA, the Senate Committee and the House Committee passed two legislative bills defining Post Secondary and exempting yoga from unnecessary regulation!  And Governor Rick Perry signed our bills into law!  Texas Yogis are free to teach the tradition of yoga as it was always intended.   Click here to see our bills


So what does this mean for Texas yoga training programs?  Everything. You now have choices. If you want to become a career school and pay thousands of dollars to comply, do so! You may find it benefits your marketing abilities and qualification as a career school. However, understand that the Texas Workforce Commission will oversee all  your affairs. However, for most small and intimate programs, you are now free to carry on in your teachings as you please.  The law goes into effect on September 1, 2011 which is just around the corner!


Also, proposals for the 2012 Texas Yoga Conference and 2011 October 29th Breathe the Cure Conference at Rice University are due July 31, 2011.  Please send class description, bio, two photos and time requirements to rsvp@texasyogaconference.com (TYC) or info@breathecure.org (BTC Conference) by Sunday. Thank you! 




Yoga in Texas - A Reason to Celebrate!  


We thank everyone in the community who has supported our bill to keep government out of our yoga. It has been a long and arduous endeavor and we are so grateful to have succeeded in our mission to exempt yoga from regulation efforts. 


The TYA considers yoga a way of life, and a lifelong practice. The practice has for thousands of years been handed down teacher to student. It is the guided exploration of the breath and body. The guide, the instructor, is mindful and careful during the session so as to promote body awareness and wellness. Yoga addresses wellness from every aspect including diet, hygiene, sleeping, speaking, movement, stillness, and meditation. There are many branches in its teachings. For some, money is earned; for most, it is a hobby or passionate interest. For all, it can be a way of life.


Today, we are no longer just a Bill on the capitol hill of Austin, Texas. We became a law defining post-secondary, and to be placed on the exempted list along with martial arts, dance and art. The studios can now save thousands of dollars and continue doing what they love without the added burden of regulation and taxation.  


It's amazing. We did it! We stuck with our mission to change the law that protects yoga from unnecessary regulation by the Texas Workforce Commission and WON!  This is a great reason for Texas Yogis to celebrate! We now have choices and the freedom to share our art form as it was always intended.  I couldn't be happier for Texas Yoga!  It was a tough journey full of twists and turns, but I am grateful for all that I learned, not only about the yoga community in which I live but about the bill-to-law process.  Experience is the greatest teacher of all!   


We are excited to see what is next for the TYA and yoga in Texas! To celebrate we have a party planned on August 4th. Please join us in an evening of music and joy at CuraYoga in River Oaks, plus go like us on Facebook.


Blessings on the path,


Jennifer Buergermeister

President, Texas Yoga Association

3641-C Westheimer Rd.

Houston, Texas 77027






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Yoga in Texas - We won!

TYA Celebration Event


Music by 

Josh Fletcher, in Concert, Willy Collins opening


August 4, 2011

 7-10 p.m.


About Josh Fletcher


"At barely 24 years old, Joshua Fletcher has already been involved in the Atlanta area music scene for nearly a decade, and it shows. Out of his punk influenced adolescence Fletcher has developed not only a DIY work ethic that has carried him out of the great state of Georgia literally from coast to coast, but also with his band, The Six Shot Romance, a sound that while heavy on pop and country sensibilities is 100% rock and roll enough to not suck. With his latest project, "His and Hers", he has found a still more refined sound that has roots planted firmly and deeply in the red clay of his Georgian heritage. It's a project that has been met with a tremendous amount of early excitement and goes to show that even after a decade Joshua Fletcher is just getting started." 





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