Texas is getting busy!

This new season is bringing to Texas multiple opportunities for Dutch companies that want to bloom in the region. While Texas is reopening its businesses, different events are happening as well: Creative festivals, webinars, workshops, and business conferences are some of them. At the same time, a new chapter starts for the NBSO Texas.

Enjoy the reading!

NBSO Texas team
News from the office
Dear network:

After five and a half years of working at the NBSO and this network, it’s hard to leave this great job and this fantastic state behind. I would like to thank y’all for your valuable support. I leave the NBSO Texas proud of the projects that we build together and the fact that Texas is on the map!

In my new role as senior Advisor Infrastructure and Water Management at the Netherlands Embassy in DC, I stay within the network and I’ll always be connected to Texas, because water is one of my focus areas.

I'm confident that the team will keep growing this wonderful mission, and I encourage you to continue participating in all their initiatives.

See you soon!

Saskia Pardaans
NBSO Texas coming up
SXSW live broadcast by New Dutch Wave
During the SXSW festival in Texas, New Dutch Wave will represent the Dutch creative and innovative industry. They will host a special program with a premiere broadcasting on March 18.
Business Week North America
Are you a Dutch company and want to do business in North America? This international event will connect you to experts and NBSO's in Canada, Mexico, and the United States. April 6th to 9th.
Webinar: Federal Taxes, what you need know
The tax period is ending soon: The Netherland America Foundation and the NBSO invite you on March 31 to a webinar that will provide you practical information on this topic.
Hockney – Van Gogh: The Joy of Nature
From now and through June 20, enjoy the exhibit "Van Gogh and Hockney: The Joy of Nature", an exclusive display at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston.
Save the date: Finding sources of financing and investment
We continue our series of doing business in Texas! This time, we want to help Dutch entrepreneurs and companies in their search for investments and fundings. With selected speakers and experts, you will learn to find the right capital for your business. Stay tuned!
3 Texas cities among the major metros for startup growth
According to a new study, Austin, Dallas, and Houston appear as the top metro areas with the highest rates of startup formation.
Port of Rotterdam and Port of Corpus Christi signed a historic agreement
The two Ports have outlined a number of shared objectives, which include co-developing trade and commercial opportunities to improve their global maritime operations.
Ortec named as one of the best companies to work in Houston
ORTEC, the global leader in advance planning and execution for truck load and route optimization, its been recognized as one of the best firms to work in the Bayou City.
New EV ride service launched in Houston
The project was created by The Routing Company, an innovative company with Dutch expertise.
Texas named a top state for women-led startups
Cycleon, Dutch leaders in returns management, have expanded their network to Waco, Texas.
In serving our clients, we frequently hear the same questions and concerns, which is very logical, looking at the fact that most entrepreneurs encounter the same challenges when doing business in Texas. In each newsletter we ask our experts to serve you with very detailed insights and advice.

Do you have a question that you'd like to have answered in this section? Let us know and send an email to office@nbso-texas.com.
Women in business in Texas!

Are you a woman entrepreneur interested in starting or expanding your business in Texas? You are not alone! There are several organizations that support women in business in the Lone Star State.
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