Texas is popular!

Last month we have been hosting and participating in interesting events and business initiatives with our community. At the same time, we were proud to receive in Texas our diplomatic representatives from the Netherlands and the European Union. Finally, we are promoting growing sectors in the Lone Star State such as space and startups!

Let’s keep Texas shining!
News from the Office

The new Consul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Miami, Ruth Emmerink, visited Houston and Texas. We are happy to welcome her in the Lone Star State to start working together and discuss new opportunities in the region.
NBSO active
Spacebuzz arrives to Houston
The initiative created by the Dutch astronaut Andre Kuipers, landed in Texas. Children and adults experienced the universe like never before, thanks to the virtual reality technology.
Promoting the Startup industry
NBSO Texas and the startup department of the Consulate in San Francisco, visited Austin to build new partnerships for the startup exchange between Texas and the Netherlands.
EU Deputy Chiefs in Texas
EU Deputy Chiefs of Mission visited El Paso, Austin and Houston. The aim was to gain insight into developments in the Lone Star State.
Best economy in EU
According to the 2019 ranking of the Global Competitiveness Index, the Netherlands has the most competitive economy in Europe for the first time.
WOOSH5: coaching at your fingertips
WOOSH5 is a Dutch company based in Texas that offers an online platform of resilience building, with exercises and personalized coaching for individuals and employees.
Texas: best place to move in this year
The Lone Star State has seen incredible growth over the past few years, with three cities in the top list of most popular destinations for people to move in the US.
NBSO coming up
For those organizations and individuals interested in the Space sector, SpaceCom is THE conference and exposition where industry, aerospace, and government meet. Nov 19-21 in Houston.
National Export Event
Our Chief Representative will attend this event on November 6th, oriented to exporters of goods and services in the Netherlands. She will answer questions about doing business in Texas.
In serving our clients, we frequently hear the same questions and concerns, which is very logical, looking at the fact that most entrepreneurs encounter the same challenges when doing business in Texas. In each newsletter we ask our experts to serve you with very detailed insights and advice.

Do you have a question that you'd like to have answered in this section? Let us know and send an email to office@nbso-texas.com .
How to attract international investors

When your business is growing, it becomes more relevant to attract international investors. But sometimes this could be a difficult task. Take a look a this article to gain more insights to thrive in the international market.
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