Texas is ready for 2018

´╗┐The year 2017 was a very noteworthy year for Texas. With outstanding events like hosting Superbowl L1 in Houston, Hurricane Harvey and the Houston Astros winning the World series for the first time, Texas has been in the headlines multiple times.

In the last month of 2017 the NBSO has been working on a lot of things. We said goodbye to our two interns who did a marvelous job on writing to very interesting market reports. Colleagues from the Embassy in Washington visited Houston to discuss a further approach on water resilience. We are preparing the visit of a delegation of Dutch government officials, headed by the Director General of Rijkswaterstaat, to Houston on January 25-26. And we found an interesting Keynote speaker for our New Year's Reception.

Thank you for a wonderful 2017. Let's build on your success in 2018!
News from the Office
The set-up of our office is going to change in 2018. Our interns are back to the Netherlands. We wish them the best of luck in finishing their studies.
In January a new Deputy Representative will start at our office. In our next newsletter you'll read more about our new team member.
NBSO coming up
Our New Year's Reception is on January 15th. We are thrilled to have a wonderful guest speaker: Vera Pauw, Head Coach Houston Dash. She will be talking about 'Planning Success'.

The reception starts at 6:00 pm. Do you want to know more about this event and how to join us? Follow the link below:
The Dutch in Texas
In every news letter we make sure a Dutch company is in the limelight.
In this news letter we would like to introduce you to Foryard, a team of ambitious young professionals who use software development as a tool to solve complex challenges.
NBSO Active
Water resilience
During the conference '21st Century water resiliency challenges, trends and opportunities', at Rice University on December 4th, the Dutch presented their experiences with water.
Dutch class action system
In a luncheon, Albert Knigge, who heads the Houthoff practice group, gave practical insights on the Dutch class action system and its implications for class action suits in the US.
Life Sciences & Health sector
As we stated before, Texas is more than oil & gas. This is absolutely true when it comes to the Life Sciences and Health sector. Read all about the trends and opportunities in our latest sector report on this industry.
In serving our clients, we frequently hear the same questions and concerns. Which is very logical, looking at the fact that most entrepreneurs encounter the same challenges when doing business in Texas. In each news letter we ask our experts to serve you with very detailed insights and advice.

Do you have a question that you'd like to be answered in this section? Let us know and send an email to office@nbso-texas.com .
Opening a bank account

This time Aryan Dokht from Comerica Bank gives detailed information about opening a bank account for Dutch owned subsidiaries. There is more to it than just going to any regular bank.
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