Texas is resilient!

While Texas is still facing new challenges during its reopening plan, we are working very closely with Dutch and local businesses to find the best ways to keep on track during these times. Discover our latest activities in this newsletter.

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NBSO active
Traveling during Covid-19 times
NBSO Texas and the Netherland-America Foundation Houston, organized a joint webinar about traveling during and after Covid-19 times. The participants received practical updates and information to plan their future trips .
Partners for water: USA sector
NBSO Texas participated in the USA Online Sector Meeting, organized by the Netherlands Water Partnership. During this session, the partners discussed future activities to strengthen the regional support for the international water sector.
NBSO Americas Dialogue #3: a business update
Our 3rd dialogue with Dutch entrepreneurs and NBSO offices in the Americas was a great success! This time, we gave an update of the regions, and discussed about doing business during Covid-19 times.
The secrets of doing business in Texas #2
How to become successful as a foreign company in Texas? We discussed about this topic with experienced entrepreneurs: Edward Verweij, Erik Vanderlaan and Anthonie Dekker.
Austin is growing!
With one of the fastest growth rates in the country, and according to a new study, it appears Austin soon will join Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas in an elite club — the 10 largest cities in the U.S.
Cybersecurity San Antonio
The council of San Antonio recently approved $4 million in funding for a new Cybersecurity Hub, that will operate in a 20,000-square-foot secure facility in the Port of San Antonio.
Survey: Dutch Ventures in the US
Participate today!
The research project "Dutch ventures in the United States" led by TABS seeks to create valuable guidelines for Dutch companies entering to this market. You can take this survey until July 20.
In serving our clients, we frequently hear the same questions and concerns, which is very logical, looking at the fact that most entrepreneurs encounter the same challenges when doing business in Texas. In each newsletter we ask our experts to serve you with very detailed insights and advice.

Do you have a question that you'd like to have answered in this section? Let us know and send an email to office@nbso-texas.com .
Skills development fund

The Skills Development Fund is launching a new training initiative to assist businesses across Texas during the COVID-19 pandemic. Public community and technical colleges, Workforce Development Boards and TEEX can assist businesses who want to train their workforce.
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