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Be Prepared for Extreme Winter Weather

January 2024 Newsletter

A winter storm is coming to Texas, hitting the northern part of the state as early as this Saturday, January 13, and moving through to the south. Though we are not expecting it to be wet or as serious as the storm in 2021, it's still important to be prepared for power outages and surges.

Take action now to make sure you have everything you need to stay safe and healthy during the upcoming storm and any extreme weather events in the coming year. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Advocate for yourself: Take control and incorporate self-advocacy into your disaster preparedness plans know your rights, talk to the right people, and advocate for your needs.
  • Get your info in one place: Create and download your own personalized Emergency Ready Sheet so you always have the information you need, whether you have to evacuate or shelter in place.
  • Keep the power on: Have alternative power sources just in case the power goes out and you need to run a heater, refrigerate medications, or charge a cell phone.
  • Stay fed and hydrated: Now is the time to stock-up on food and water so you have it just in case. And learn about alternative ways to get food and water if a winter storm disrupts your access to it.
  • Maintain healthcare access: Have enough of your medications on hand and know how to keep them safe. If you receive healthcare services, like specialized medical services or attendant services, have a plan to maintain access to those services if there's a winter storm.

And don't forget about your pets! Make sure you have what they'll need during a winter storm, including food, water, medications, etc.

For quick tips to help you prepare to be snowed or iced in for a few days, see Be Prepared to Shelter in Place During the Winter.

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