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Damage prevention and public safety is our mission all day, every day. So help us, help you! 

Be prepared to give the county, city, address and nearest intersecting road for the worksite location. If work is not being done at an address, please provide driving directions from the nearest intersection to the location using cardinal directions (north, south, east, west) and distance to the location. Work extent and distance from the road may be required to complete the locate request. If work is taking place in a newly developed area, driving directions from a nearby developed area may be required.

Looking for a quick and easy way to submit your locate requests? Visit our website at today!
Don't forget that state-observed legal holidays are not counted towards the two working day notice prior to excavation. Visit our website for additional information. Thank you for using Texas811, your connection to safety.

Scott Sasajima
Director of Operations

This is the second issue of the Texas811 Excavator Newsletter. We'll include content relevant to excavators in Texas; news you can use. Expect to see an issue in your inbox once a quarter. Feel free to pass this to others within your organization. If they are interested in getting a copy every quarter, ask them to click below to be added to the distribution list.
Summer Rush

Beat the summer rush by processing your tickets online through the Texas811 Portal.
All Ticket types can be processed through The Portal. Visit  at
 for more information or to sign up!
We Use to be Known as DigTESS

Many of you have called to request a DigTESS.
Some of you still do!

DigTESS is the name we were known by from our inception in 1984 until 2009.  The 811 number was created in 2007 and we changed our name to Texas811 in 2009.

Our DigTESS heritage still lives in our blood. It is in every ticket we process, in our damage prevention programs and in our customer service.

When you want DigTESS quality, you'll find it at Texas811!
Why You Should Attend a Mock Line Strike
 Every year you are invited to attend a pipeline safety meeting. The best part is usually the free lunch you get for attending. Listening to a boring speaker drone on about the same information you heard last year hardly makes lunch worth it. If only, there was an alternative ...

There is! Mock Line Strike demonstrations provide the same safety information as the death by PowerPoint presentations but in a dynamic, real-time, real life demonstration of a damaged pipeline and its aftermath. Fresh air and sunshine or a cramped conference room?

Imagine first-responders, an ambulance, maybe a care flight helicopter all responding to the incident. You don't have to imagine it, you'll see it at a Mock Line Strike demonstration.

Witnessing the entire scenario helps you understand the consequences of different responses to better prepare you if you ever encounter a similar incident. Experience the Mock Line Strike so you don't have to experience the real-life consequences!

Mock Line Strike demonstrations have one thing in common with the old classroom sessions. They are both FREE.

Click HERE for a schedule of events near you and registration information.
Is Everyone on Your Excavating Crew Familiar with Texas811?

Contacting Texas811 reduces your chance of striking a buried utility to less than one percent.  Make sure everyone on your crew knows these three simple steps:
Contact: Make the free call to 811 or use to get the underground utilities at your worksite marked.
Wait: Underground utility locators will come to your worksite and physically mark the location of the utility lines with paint or flags.  This will be completed in 2 working days; excluding weekends and state holidays.  Need a refresher on the flag colors?  Click here .
Dig:   Respect the marks, hand dig carefully for 18" on either side of the marks to expose the lines before digging with more aggressive methods.
You may have members on your crew who are more comfortable using Spanish.  At Texas811, that's not a problem.  We have more than 45 bilingual agents available to take their calls requesting line locates.  Many of our materials are available in Spanish, including Facebook. Your Spanish speakers can find out more here. 
Don't Lose Your Cool This Summer

Summer is approaching. Stay protected from heat, insects, and snakes.
  1. Drink plenty of water. Avoid caffeinated products
  2. Wear loose-fitting, lightweight clothing.
  3. Protect against sunburn - dermatologists recommend a sunscreen with a SPF of at least 30
# 1 is so important we'll say it again: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Also, hidden dangers may lurk in that big pile of rocks, brush or debris you're clearing, either by hand or with mechanized equipment. Always wear gloves, safety boots, long pants and a long sleeve shirt; use insect repellents that contain DEET or Picaridin. Be cautious about where you put your hands. Seek immediate medical attention for a snakebite.

Remember, summer in Texas can be brutal. Work with caution.
2018 Holiday Schedule

We have added days to the 2018 Holiday Schedule to be in compliance with Texas state holidays, which are defined  HERE in Sec. 662.003.

Texas811 is now observing all state holidays. This means these holidays will not be included in the 48-hour wait period before excavation can begin. Here are upcoming dates to keep in mind.
  • Monday, May 28, Memorial Day
  • Tuesday, June 19, Emancipation Day
  • Wednesday, July 4, Independence Day

If you have any questions regarding this please email