From the Desk of Chris Stovall 
For a lot of us, the New Year means new beginnings. It is a time to start fresh and go after a new set of goals. It is also a time for reflection on what is working for us and what is not. At Texas811, we engage in this sort of reflection and ask how we can continue to get better. In fact, continuous improvement is one of our core values. It is our desire to be the premier damage prevention organization. An area where we can enhance our offering is in moving our state toward zero damages. We recognize that this is a lofty goal, but we believe it is worthwhile. We believe, like others in our industry, that the pursuit of that goal is a shared responsibility and we aim to do our part. Texas811 is committed to investing in training this coming year to move the damage number closer to zero. We want to invest in training our staff so that we can deliver best-in-class training to the public we serve, deliver the highest quality locate request possible, and continue to provide education and outreach to those that still don't know about 811.

We understand the importance of our role in the damage prevention process. It is rewarding to know that a job well done means we sent our fellow Texans home safe to their families and kept the infrastructure in our great state functioning and intact. We look forward to a year of progress in making Texas safer.


Chris Stovall
President & CEO
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Master damage prevention with Texas811's new online training course!

Enhance your organization by gaining insight into industry best practices and excavation laws in Texas.

Approved by Gold Shovel Standard, Texas811 and The Damage Prevention Academy have partnered to offer utility operators and contractors online training. This training is offered exclusively through Texas811 and covers the Gold Shovel Standard, Texas state laws, rules, regulations and industry best practices.
Keeping excavators knowledgeable contributes to your company's bottom line. The better they understand their role in damage prevention, the more your company saves in repairs and/or fines.

Take advantage of this self-paced course now.
Special pricing is available to Members of Texas811.
For more information please contact Jay Stephens with Damage Prevention Academy at or find more details at www.Texas811.Training.

Keeping your facility maps in compliance with Chapter 251
Chapter 251 of the Texas Utilities Code requires operators to update their facility mapping at least quarterly.  

See  Section 251.107
Texas811 makes it easy to keep your facility maps updated.  Changes to our database go live on Tuesdays and Fridays. You can submit your database changes using this form
For additional information about updating your database, please contact
2018 Holiday Schedule

We have added days to the 2018 Holiday Schedule to be in compliance with Texas state holidays, which are defined HERE in Sec. 662.003.

We will not count the dates listed here when calculating the 48-hours for Start Date/Time.
If you have any questions regarding this please email
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Find out how the Texas811 and KorTerra partnership exclusively benefits you.  

Our Damage Prevention Team is Here for You!

Texas811 has Damage Prevention Managers positioned across the state to support you, our members, with your damage prevention and one-call needs.
They are available to assist with training, whether it's for you or your subcontractors, in-person and online. They also act as a liaison between excavators and/or locators and your organization.
The Damage Prevention Managers offer excavator training, training on best practices, excavation laws in Texas as well as rules and regulations. All training can also be customized to fit your company's needs.
We believe that gaining the best insight into industry best practices and excavation laws in Texas is fundamental in preventing damages across the state. Our goal is to assist in continuously reducing your overall cost of damages.
With a Damage Prevention Team like ours, we keep boots on the ground who are dedicated to staying true to our mission.

For in-office trainings, please contact
For online trainings please visit www.Texas811.Trainings.