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at The Texas811 Damage Prevention Summit in Galveston 
February 24 through February 26

The Texas811 Damage Prevention Summit is one of our most important events of the year, especially for Texas811 Members. It's ...
  1. The official annual Texas811 Member meeting.
  2. An opportunity to interact with Texas811 managers in person to ask questions and share your ideas.
  3. The place to learn about upcoming Texas811 services and procedures.
  4. A damage prevention educational event with two days of workshops, roundtables, and presentations.
  5. An opportunity to attend a meeting of the One Call Board of Texas.
  6. A networking event to connect with your peers, excavators and locators.
  7. A few hours on a waterfront golf course, if you're so inclined.
To learn more, and to register, please click HERE.

We encourage you to become a sponsor of the Texas811 Summit. Information on sponsorships available on the Summit website.
Texas811 Can Help Reduce Your Locating Expenses

The newest addition to Texas811 Customized Solutions is Predictive Analytics.

Applying predictive analytics to one-call notifications promises exponential growth in the ability of utility operators to (1) identify excavations most likely to cause damages and (2) intervene to prevent excavation damage before the ground is broken.
It starts with a real-time risk analysis score that's included on your copy of a Texas811 ticket before you receive it.
What is a risk analysis score? Using the past four years of one-call notifications and damages in the Texas811 database, a predictive analytics engine provides a real-time score indicating the probability that a specific excavation will result in excavation damage.
How is the risk score determined? Risk factors include everything on the one-call ticket including proximity to high value lines, nature of work, excavator history, digging depth, geographic location, etc.
How does the system work? Texas811 merges our database of excavations and damages with Opvantek's predictive analytics engine to provide this new level of damage prevention to Texas811 members. Opvantek has demonstrated that their real-time risk analysis scores combined with pre-excavation intervention results in around 30% damage reduction year over year.
Predictive Analytics can benefit you in two ways. The primary benefit is a significant reduction in damages. Opvantek data demonstrates that companies who intervene prior to excavation on excavations with the highest risk scores realize around a 30% reduction in damages.
If your company already intervenes prior to excavations, Predictive Analytics helps you identify the lowest risk excavations and gives you the opportunity to reposition assets to address excavations with the highest probability of damage.

Click HERE   to watch a one-minute video to see how the predictive analytics engine works!    
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For information about other Texas811 Customized Solutions option, visit our webpage HERE.

Since going operational in 2015, Customized Solutions has collectively saved 17 Member companies more than $10 million in unnecessary locating fees.
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Texas Excavator Guide Available Online

Copies of the Texas811 Excavator Guide are available HERE.

Improvements to the Texas811 Portal Coming in 2020
The Texas811 Portal will become fully functional on all devices, including smart phones and tablets, in 2020. If you are interested in participating in the Beta testing/feedback group, please contact Sarah Spears, Director of Technology HERE .

Upcoming State Holidays Affect When Locates are Completed

  Here are the Official State of Texas Holidays that affect the deadline for completing locates.
December 25, 2019
Christmas Day
January 1, 2020
New Year's Day
January 20, 2020
Martin Luther King Day
February 17, 2020
Presidents Day
Damage Prevention Council of Texas
The Damage Prevention Council of Texas is comprised of 23 regional chapters that provide a forum for all stakeholders involved in safe excavation to meet and share information and perspectives. For additional information and the next meeting in your area, please click HERE.

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