From the Desk of Chris Stovall 

As we look to the final month of the year, we have a lot to be thankful for at Texas811.  
Our members have helped put together one of our best years ever. The progress we have made toward our goal of zero damages and zero waste is remarkable. We are truly setting the standard when it comes to damage prevention.  
We have invested in training and technology so that we can deliver the highest level of service to our members and the communities we serve. I know I speak for the rest of the team when I say it is a good feeling knowing we play a part in such a critical mission, one that involves protecting the lives of the men and women that keep Texas going.  
We are proud of the partnerships we have forged with our member companies and are continually impressed with your commitment to damage prevention and public safety. We hope to see all of you at our Damage Prevention Summit in our new location in February where we will unveil some of the things we have been working hard on this year.


Chris Stovall
President & CEO
In This Issue

This is the fourth issue of the new Texas811 Member Newsletter.  We'll include content relevant to our members; news you can use.  Expect to see an issue in your inbox once a quarter.  Feel free to pass this to others within your organization.  If they are interested in getting a copy every quarter, ask them to click below to be added to the distribution list.
Texas811 Damage Prevention Summit

The Texas811 Damage Prevention Summit is moving to Galveston for 2019. It will be Monday, February 18 through Wednesday, February 20 at the Galveston Convention Center.

Perennial favorites like Competent Person Training and Utility Locator Training will be available again this year. The golf tournament and One Call Board meeting round out Monday's activities.

New this year is the Texas811 Enlightenment Lounge. Stop by to learn more about Texas811 services from the people who know them best. You can get advice about how to make the Portal work for your specific needs or how Secondary Research and Update Filtering can reduce your overall locating expenses. Both KorTerra and Opvantek will be on site to answer your questions about ticket management and analytics.

For details on all the summit sessions go to  . Here are a few highlights: One-Call Ticket Processing and Management - from Cradle to Grave, Damage Prevention Initiatives for 2019, and of course, vendor demos.

There will also be a Texas811 announcement of an exciting new technology that is on the horizon.
Using Data to Determine Risk Scores for One-Call Notifications

Data shows that about 50% of damages occur on excavations that have the 10% highest risk scores. Texas811 has partnered with Opvantek to provide real time risk scores on one-call tickets. The scores are based on historical excavation data of the location, excavator, type of excavation, and other factors. Initial users of the program have seen their damages drop by 30%. If you are interested in learning more, contact Kyle VanLandingham, Director of Customized Solutions, at 972-280-8783, or

It's Important to Speak Up

As part of a damage prevention community, you have a tremendous opportunity to look out for others. Not only to protect your own interests, but to safeguard the integrity of all buried infrastructure; to shield lives by sharing what you know.

That's why it's important that we hear from you any time you have a concern about a locate request. Even if it may not impact your underground facility. Your observation might be that:
  • The locate request does not accurately describe the work area
  • The proposed excavation markings differ from the marking instructions
  • You believe your company should have received the locate request, but did not
  • The dig site is far away from your registered facilities
Our Locate Request Concern Form is a tool that Texas811 members can use to initiate swift investigation of their concerns. Simply provide us with a description of the situation and a ticket number. The form routes directly to an Ombudsman. We will work quickly to help you find the answers and resolution you need.
Communication is the foundation of the one-call system. Hearing and resolving your concerns is our privilege. Thank you for partnering with us in keeping our communities safe!

Current is Compliant

At Texas811, we want to ensure that we have the most accurate contact information on file for your company. It not only allows us to serve you better, but also helps your company remain in compliance with Texas Utilities Code Chapter 251. Keeping your information updated supports your requirements:
To update general information, such as designated contact persons for correspondence and billing, please submit a Member Information Update Form .
To change a ticket destination (receiving site), to include voice notification and text message alerts for Emergency and Digup tickets, please submit a Member Receiving Site Update Form.
Many of our members have seen success in using a monthly recurring reminder on their calendars for these updates. We appreciate your cooperation in making sure we have the most up-to-date information!
Upcoming Holidays and a Miscommunication 
The following State and National Holidays are observed which means they are not included in the 48-hour period between requesting a notification and when it must be marked.

December 25
Christmas Day
January 1
New Year's Day
January 19 *
Confederate Heroes Day
January 21
Martin Luther King Jr. Day
February 18
Presidents' Day
March 2 *
Texas Independence Day
* Holidays that fall on a weekend are not observed.
Texas811 previously sent out communications indicating that December 24 and December 26 were State Holidays. Per Section 662.021, this was incorrect. Please see the excerpt from Chapter 251 regarding "legal holidays". We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

  Sec. 251.002.
 (9) "Legal holiday" means a holiday specified as a legal holiday by Subchapter B, Chapter  662, Government Code. 
Sec. 662.021.  DATES OF HOLIDAYS.  A legal holiday includes only the following days:
 (1)  a national holiday under Section 662.003   (a);  and
 (2)  a state holiday under Sections 662.003 and 662.021   (b)(1) through (6). 
(b)  A state holiday includes only the following days:
 (1)  the 19th day of January, "Confederate Heroes Day," in honor of Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, and other Confederate heroes;
 (2)  the second day of March, "Texas Independence Day";
 (3)  the 21st day of April, "San Jacinto Day";
 (4)  the 19th day of June, "Emancipation Day in Texas," in honor of the emancipation of the slaves in Texas in 1865;
 (5)  the 27th day of August, "Lyndon Baines Johnson Day," in observance of the birthday of Lyndon Baines Johnson;
 (6)  the Friday after Thanksgiving Day;
 (7)  the 24th day of December;  and
 (8)  the 26th day of December.