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Halloween Costume and Decorating Contest

The creativity of Texas811 staff knows no bounds, as was illustrated by our annual Halloween extravaganza.

Pirates, zombies and other denizens of the dark side roamed the building on Halloween. The pirate ship and zombie graveyard were both big hits.


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Annual Chili
Cook Off

Once again, Texas811 cooks brought their game in the annual chili cook off!  The judges bravely taste tested 14 entries, and Diaungelia Stanfield took home the prize.  The real winner, though, was everyone who enjoyed a spicy chili lunch.


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October 2014 Newsletter
Mike's Message

It's an exciting time to be working at Texas811.  Driver Mason Mingus is racing toward the finish line in the Texas811 sponsored Toyota Tundra. ( Mason's truck features the 811 message on the sides, and the Texas811 logo on the hood.   His latest race was Halloween night at the Texas Motor Speedway.


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 Dig Test?

Before Texas811 got its current name, we were known simply as Dig Tess. At some point or another, just about everyone in the industry has referred to us as "Dig Test", or at least knows someone who has. Tess was such an odd word to begin with unless you have a family member that is adorned with the name, or are a fan of Thomas Hardy literature. It was so prevalent back in the day that most of us here just ignored it and went along with it. That likely added to the problem because our disregard of the mispronunciation probably led people to think that they had it right all along. The weird thing about it was that while "Dig Test" was inaccurate, it was oddly fitting. It was difficult enough to get my friends and family to understand what I was saying, much less someone over the phone who had never heard of us before. I always resorted to reading out the acronym of Tess; Texas Excavation Safety System. It seemed much more descriptive of the actual job we were doing anyway.


Damage Prevention Managers and Safety Days
Around Texas

Following up on the successful Eagle Ford and Cedar Park events, DPM's hosted several more well attended functions.

DPM John Sparks spearheaded the North Texas Regional Safety Day event on October 23rd in Corinth.

Over 300 excavators and facility owners attended this multi-function event hosted by the North Texas Damage Prevention Council.


The event featured safety workshops in the morning followed by two demonstrations. 

The first was a controlled arcing demo, showing the dangers of high voltage electricity.

The second was a demo of vacuum excavation, which uses powerful suction through a wide suction pipe to quickly and safely excavate a hole without disturbing any unknown buried power or pipe line. A vacuum excavator may pull in debris at speeds of up to 220 miles per hour.

Additionally, exhibitors were also in attendance with the latest in excavation and safety equipment.


In West Texas, DPM Melissa Brannan made our presence known with attendance at two events.


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Nascar 811

811 is a proud sponsor of the Mason Mingus racing team!  Mingus is racing his Toyota Tundra truck at Texas Motor Speedway on Halloween night, and the hood of his truck features our striking Texas811 logo. Mason began his racing career in 2002 at the age of ten, and in October of 2013 made his NASCAR debut.  The Halloween night NCWTS WinStar World Casino & Resort 350 can be seen live on FOX Sports 1, and over the air at 105.3 The Fan.

We hope you enjoyed this month's newsletter. Thank you for being a part of Texas811!


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